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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation ( 三菱自動車工業株式会社 , Mitsubishi Jidōsha Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha ? ) is the sixth largest automaker in Japan and the seventeenth largest in the world by global unit sales. It is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu  formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, and was formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Throughout its history it has courted alliances with foreign partners, a strategy pioneered by their first president Tomio Kubo to encourage expansion, and continued by his successors. A significant stake was sold to Chrysler Corporation in 1971 which it held for 22 years, while DaimlerChrysler was a controlling shareholder between 2000 and 2005. Chrysler LLC (former DaimlerChrysler) continues to do a joint-venture platform with Mitsubishi Motors on its Dodge Caliber, and Jeep Patriot and Compass. Long term joint manufacturing and technology licencing deals with the Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea and Proton in Malaysia were also forged, while in Europe the company co-owned the largest automobile manufacturing plant in the Netherlands with Volvo for ten years in the 1990s, before taking sole ownership in 2001.

Thanks to these alliances it benefitted strongly in the 1970s and '80s, increasing its annual production from 250,000 to over 1.5 million units. But its strong presence in south-east Asia meant it suffered more than most of its competitors in the aftermath of the 1997 East Asian financial crisis, and since then the company has struggled to consistently increase sales and maintain profitability.

The logo of three red diamonds, shared with over forty other companies within the keiretsu , predates Mitsubishi Motors itself by almost a century. It was chosen by Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of Mitsubishi, as it was suggestive of the emblem of the Tosa Clan who first employed him, and because his own family crest was three rhombuses stacked atop each other. The name Mitsubishi is a portmanteau of mitsu ("three") and hishi (literally, "water chestnut", often used in Japanese to denote a diamond or rhombus).


The Mitsubishi Freeca is a compact MPV designed by Mitsubishi Motors and China Motor Corporation for the Asian market, and built in Taiwan, China and the Philippines, where it is known as the Mitsubishi Adventure. The vehicle is also known as the Mitsubishi Kuda in Indonesia, where it was locally manufactured until 2005, and Mitsubishi Jolie in Vietnam.

The model name "Freeca" is coined from "free" and "ca" , the Taiwanese for vehicle. Trim levels include GL , GLX , and GLS for the five-seater variants, with a seven-seater Super Exceed also available.


The Mitsubishi i ( 三菱・i , Mitsubishi i ) is a kei car from Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors, first released in January 2006, twenty eight months after its debut at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the first four door automobile since the 1960s to employ a "rear midship" setup with the engine behind the passengers, in an attempt to improve safety and interior space without enlarging the overall exterior.

The innovative layout and styling of the i proved an immediate critical and commercial success, exceeding Mitsubishi's initial sales targets by 20 percent and winning thirteen awards in its first year. Although designed with the Japanese keijidōsha light automobile class in mind, the attention it generated led to its subsequent introduction in right hand drive markets in Asia, Oceania and Europe. It is also speculated to be the basis of the battery electric vehicle Mitsubishi has timetabled for introduction in 2010.


The Mitsubishi eK is a Japanese kei car from Mitsubishi Motors, based on the long-running Mitsubishi Minica, and first introduced on October 11, 2001 at ¥910,000 to ¥1,108,000. According to the company the name stands for "excellent Keijidōsha ", or "excellent minicar". It was available either as an eK Wagon (introduced October 2001), eK Sport (September 2002), eK Classy (May 2003) or eK Active (May 2004). The range was given a styling revision and re-released on September 13, 2006, priced from ¥913,500 to ¥1,484,700.

Immediately upon its release it was the recipient of the "Good Design Award" by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2001.While the initial sales target was 10,000 units per month, it sold 13,000 in its first four days, and 20,000 by the end of October 2001. It is Mitsubishi's highest volume model in the Japanese domestic market, and total sales to 2005 are approximately 480,000. Since 2005, Nissan Motors has received 36,000 eK wagons annually from Mitsubishi, to be sold within the domestic market as the Nissan Otti.


The Mitsubishi Endeavor is a mid-size crossover SUV built by Mitsubishi Motors at their manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois. Based on the PS platform, it was the first vehicle built under Mitsubishi's "Project America", a program aimed at introducing vehicles for North America without having to compromise to accommodate other export markets.

Its design origins can be traced back to the Mitsubishi SSU which debuted at the 1999 North American International Auto Show, although the Endeavor does not share the concept's mechanical underpinnings. The prototype was powered by a 310 PS version of the 6A13TT 2.5 L twin-turbo V6, which directed the power to a full-time all wheel drive system through its INVECS-II five-speed semi-automatic transmission and AYC. When the Endeavor debuted, it used the 6G75 3.8 L V6 offering 215 hp (improved to 225 hp (168 kW) in 2004) and 250 ft·lbf, mated to a four-speed semi-automatic transmission with an optional all wheel drive system that splits the torque 50/50 by default.

The Endeavor's performance in the marketplace has to date failed to meet Mitsubishi's expectations. On its release in March 2003 the company aimed for 80,000 annual sales but achieved only 32,054 by the end of its debut year. It received a mild restyle for the 2006 model year, but has received no significant changes yet in its lifetime.


The Mitsubishi Outlander is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors. It was originally known as the Mitsubishi Airtrek when it was introduced in Japan in 2001, and was based on the Mitsubishi ASX concept vehicle exhibited at the 2001 North American International Auto Show. The ASX (Active Sports Crossover) represented Mitsubishi's approach to the industry wide XUV trend for retaining the all-season and off-road abilities offered by a high ground clearance and four-wheel drive, while still offering car-like levels of emissions, economy and size.

The original Airtrek name was chosen to "describe the vehicle’s ability to transport its passengers on adventure-packed journeys in a 'free-as-a-bird' manner", and was "coined from Air and Trek to express the idea of footloose, adventure-filled motoring pleasure." The Outlander nameplate which replaced it evoked a "feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure."

The Outlander was given a modified front grille and headlights which increased the overall length by approximately 130 mm (five inches) when it was introduced in 2003, and the two models were manufactured in parallel thereafter.

The second generation of the vehicle was introduced in 2005 and all markets including Japan adopted the Outlander name. It was built on the company's GS platform, and used various engines developed by Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and PSA Peugeot Citroën. PSA's Citroën C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007, which are manufactured by Mitsubishi in Japan, are badge engineered versions of the Outlander.


The Mitsubishi Galant is an automobile manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors since 1969. The name was derived from the French galant , meaning "chivalrous". There have been nine distinct generations, and cumulative sales now exceed five million. It began as a compact sedan, but over the course of its life has evolved into a larger mid-size car. Initial production was based only in Japan, but since 1994 the American market has been served by vehicles assembled at the former Diamond-Star Motors (DSM) facility in Normal, Illinois.


The Mitsubishi Raider is a pickup truck from Mitsubishi Motors that debuted in the fall of 2005 as a 2006 model for the United States market and is based largely on the Dodge Dakota. The name is recycled from the Dodge Raider SUV sold from 1987 to 1990, which was a rebadged Mitsubishi Montero.

The Raider filled the gap in the Mitsubishi lineup since the discontinuation of the Mighty Max in 1996. The Raider is built in the United States by Chrysler. Engine choices included a 4.7 L PowerTech V8 making 230 hp and 290 ft·lbf and a 3.7 L PowerTech V6 which produced 210 hp.

377 and 492 units were sold in January and February 2006 respectively, compared to 4,583 and 6,260 Dakotas. Mitsubishi dealers reportedly had a six-month supply of Raiders on their lots, and the company asked DaimlerChrysler to cut production. 9,861 Raiders were built in 2005, and just 297 more were built from the first of the year through March 11, 2006. Approximately 8,200 Raiders were sold in 2007. The Raider is not currently available in Canada, where the brand has only sold since roughly 2003.

Recently a concept truck was rebadged as the Street Raider and designed by Mitsubishi's California design studio. It first appeared at the 2005 SEMA automotive show and since then has been shown at various automotive shows around the United States. It includes 22 inch custom wheels, custom dual exhaust, and a lowered stance among other features not found on a stock Raider. The Street Raider carries a mooted price tag of $60,000, although there are no current plans to sell it.


The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) built by Mitsubishi Motors since 1969. It was originally based on a small pickup truck introduced the previous year, also called the Delica, its name derived from the English "DELIvery CAr". This truck, and a commercial van derived from it, was later rebadged as L300 and thereafter the Delica nameplate was reserved for the non-commercial market.

Pajero iO/Shogun Pinin

The Mitsubishi Pajero iO is a mini SUV produced by Mitsubishi Motors since June 15, 1998 in three-door form, and August 24, 1998 as a five-door. The "iO" name is derived from the Italian for "me" which, according to Mitsubishi, "[g]enerates an image of being easy to get to know, easy to drive, and of being one's very own Pajero".

It was exported as the Montero iO, and to Europe as the Pajero Pinin, Shogun Pinin or simply Pinin to honour Pininfarina, which built the local market versions of the car at their factory near Turin, Italy. It has also been produced in Brazil as the Pajero TR4 since 2002 under license. The name was changed after imported versions were referred to as "1.0" instead of "iO", which could lead to confusion about the engine sizes. The Brazilian TR4 has since July 2007 been Mitsubishi's first four-wheel drive flexible-fuel vehicle, running on a combination of gasoline, ethanol or a combination of the two.

Fuso Canter

The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter (kana:三菱ふそう・キャンター) is a line of light-duty commercial vehicle by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. The range was primarily available in Japan and some other Asian countries, although it was also sold in the United States during the late 1980s and up current. Manufacturing began in 1962 with the first cars going to Asia. Other European and American countries which saw import or manufactures of the Canter included the Europe, Mid-east and North America. The Asia-Pacific was another market until the early 1970s. In many markets the Canter was very expensive and was replaced by the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck when that model became available for worldwide market in the early 1980s.

Australia was another important market for the Canter - to the extent that it was manufactured there from the 1970s using many local components.

Most models of the truck are distinguishable by a front 'Canter' badge, but the common Mitsubishi badge is usually used on the rear.

In the United States, its principal competitors are Bering MS, Chevrolet W-Series, GMC W-Series, Isuzu NPR/NQR and the UD 1200/1300/1400. and Japan competitors are Isuzu Elf, UD Atlas, Toyota Dyna, Hino Dutro.

In late 2005, a new Canter was presented, with safety being the main issue. Also a new hybrid truck, the Canter Eco Hybrid was presented commercially. It is currently only sold in Japan.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sporty four-seat coupe that has been in production since 1989 for left hand drive markets including the United States, Canada, and Taiwan. It was named after an eighteenth century English racehorse which won 26 races, and has also been sold as the Eagle Talon and the Plymouth Laser captive imports through Mitsubishi Motors' close relationship with the Chrysler Corporation. Their partnership was known as Diamond-Star Motors, or DSM.


Today's Mitsubishi Colt is a supermini built by Mitsubishi Motors at their NedCar plant in the Netherlands,
using the same underpinnings as its sister car, the now discontinued Smart Forfour. Mitsubishi has used the name twice previously, first as the marque of a series of kei cars and subcompact cars in the 1960s, and then as the export version of the Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback. The Chrysler Corporation, Mitsubishi's longtime partner, also used the name in the 1970 when it rebadged the second generation Mitsubishi Galant as Dodge Colt and Plymouth Colt captive imports for the United States market.


The Mitsubishi Pajero (IPA: /pəˈhɛroʊ, pɑˈxɛroʊ/ ) is a sport utility vehicle manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors.
It is known as the Mitsubishi Montero in the Americas (except Brazil) and Spain, and as Mitsubishi Shogun
in the United Kingdom. It was named after a mountain cat that inhabits the Patagonia plateau region in southern Argentina.
 However, the name Montero (meaning "mountain warrior") was adopted in Spanish language markets because
Pajero is a slang term for "wanker"Thanks to their success, the Pajero, Montero and Shogun names were also applied to other, mechanically unrelated models, such as the Pajero Mini kei car , the Pajero Junior and Pajero iO/Pinin mini SUVs, and the Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero/Shogun Sport.


The Mitsubishi Lancer is a compact car built by Mitsubishi Motors. It has been known as the Colts Lancer, Dodge/Plymouth Colt, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Chrysler Lancer, Eagle Summit, Hindustan Lancer,
Soueast Lioncel, Mitsubishi Carisma, and Mitsubishi Mirage in various countries at different times, and will
be sold as the Galant Fortis in its home market from 2007. It has also been sold as Lancer Fortis in Taiwan with
a different facelift compared to Galant Fortis from September 15, 2007.

Since its introduction in 1973 over six million Lancers have been sold.


The Mitsubishi Triton is a compact pickup truck produced by Mitsubishi Motors. It was originally known as the
Mitsubishi Forte
in Japan from 1978 to 1986, when the name was discontinued in favour of the Strada. For most export markets the name L200 is used, while Storm was used for Malaysia during the early 2000s. Cumulative sales of the first three generations now exceed 2.8 million units around the world.In the United States two captive imports of the Forte were sold by the Chrysler Corporation from 1979, as the Dodge Ram 50 and Plymouth Arrow Truck. Mitsubishi itself imported it as the Mighty Max when it began selling directly in the U.S. from 1982, at which point the Plymouth ceased to be available.The fourth generation Triton, built in Mitsubishi's subsidiary in Thailand and launched in 2005, was designed by
Akinori Nakanishi and is exported to 140 global markets.


The Mitsubishi Minica is a kei car produced by Mitsubishi Motors for the Japanese domestic market since October
1962. It was first built by Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, one of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' three regional automotive
companies until they were merged in 1964. It is the oldest Mitsubishi passenger car still in production, and the only one
which predates the company itself.


The Mitsubishi Grandis is a seven seat MPV built by Mitsubishi Motors to replace its Chariot/Space Wagon/Nimbus line. It was launched on May 14, 2003 and is sold in Japan, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Mexico, and South America. Engines available are a 2.4 litre four cylinder and a Volkswagen-sourced 2.0 litre turbodiesel, badged DI-D rather than TDI as Volkswagen denotes it.

The exterior styling was based loosely on designer Olivier Boulay's earlier Mitsubishi Space Liner, a monobox four-seat concept vehicle with centre-opening "suicide doors", first exhibited at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001. It was the first all new vehicle featuring the company's new common "face", comprising a curved lower grille edge and a sharp crease rising up the leading edge of the bonnet from the prominent corporate badge.

The Grandis was also the basis for the Mitsubishi FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept, powered by a fuel cell technology developed by then controlling shareholder DaimlerChrysler. DCX's "FC System" uses a fuel cell stack to replenish an array of NiMH batteries from 117 litres of compressed hydrogen storage.

It won the "Best MPV" award at the 26th Bangkok International Motor Show in 2005.

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Cappelli e copricapo militari

In tutte le attività che richiedono abbigliamento militare, e gli esperti lo sanno bene, anche la scelta del cappello giusto fa la differenza. Le classiche cuffie in lana riparano dal gelo quando, all'alba, il cacciatore esce di casa sperando in una battuta fortunata. Passamontagna e copricapo camouflage si indossano invece quando ci si vuole confondere e mimetizzare nella natura: guarda quanti modelli a disposizione, troverai certamente quello giusto per te. D'estate, invece, quando il caldo non dà tregua, è meglio scegliere una bella bandana (ce ne sono pure di mimetiche). Se proprio il caldo è di quelli africani, e nemmeno il cappello basta, puoi sempre acquistare l’ombrellino da testa, dotato di una fascia da apporre in testa sormontata da un ombrello mimetico. Lo trovi qui, su expoarmy.com, proprio nella sezione cappelli.

Bandana a copricapo mimetica3,00€
Bandanas mimetiche a fazzoletto3,00€
Basco Bundeswehr rosso usato8,00€
Basco Bundeswehr usato8,00€
Basco canadese avio10,00€
Basco canadese grigio10,00€
Basco Canadian verde10,00€
Basco ceco arancione come nuovo8,00€
Basco ceco verde come nuovo8,00€
Basco da parà spagnolo10,00€
Basco da parà tedesco8,00€
Basco militare nero8,00€
Basco modello canadese avio10,00€
Basco nero Esercito Italiano originale8,00€
Basco ONU azzurro10,00€
Basco tedesco verde militare8,00€
Berretto Army nero8,00€
Berretto Cuffia lana Swat nero8,00€
Berretto cuffia Police nero8,00€
Berretto cuffia SECURITY nero8,00€
Berretto da baseball vegetato5,00€
Berretto da caccia reversibile10,00€
Berretto esercito nordista USA15,00€
Berretto fatica ACU camo5,00€
Berretto fatica Battaglione San Marco5,00€
Berretto fatica bianco5,00€
Berretto fatica canadian digital camo5,00€
Berretto fatica con paraorecchie woodland10,00€
Berretto fatica desert vegetato5,00€
Berretto fatica mimetismo digital5,00€
Berretto fatica multicam5,00€
Berretto fatica ripstop bianco5,00€
Berretto fatica ripstop desert 3 colori5,00€
Berretto fatica ripstop nero5,00€
Berretto fatica ripstop urban5,00€
Berretto fatica ripstop woodland5,00€
Berretto fatica usa blue navy5,00€
Berretto fatica USA desert 6 colori5,00€
Berretto fatica USA mimetismo woodland5,00€
Berretto fatica USA tiger stripe5,00€
Berretto fatica USA vegetato5,00€
Berretto fatica verde5,00€
Berretto flecktarn invernale usato6,00€
Berretto impermeabile in canneto5,00€
Berretto in pile verde oliva tre punte5,00€
Berretto invernale con paraorecchie5,00€
Berretto lana ricamato8,00€
Berretto Marines USA desert 3 colori8,00€
Berretto mimetico flecktarn usato2,00€
Berretto mimetico svizzero5,00€
Berretto parà bugiarda originale francese25,00€
Berretto Svedese con paraorecchie8,00€
Berretto SWAT8,00€
Bustina Associazione Nazionale CC10,00€
Bustina militare tedesca5,00€
Bustina US Army anni '605,00€
Bustine aviatore Luftwaffe5,00€
Caciotta marina nuova10,00€
Cappelli Invernali con pelo8,00€
Cappelli ufficiale DDR25,00€
Cappello a tesa nero20,00€
Cappello antipioggia in canneto8,00€
Cappello australiano mimetico woodland10,00€
Cappello Bersagliere originale nuovo50,00€
Cappello Bush hat tiger10,00€
Cappello da ufficiale DDR25,00€
Cappello esercito cinese con fregio nuovo15,00€
Cappello forestale gabardine20,00€
Cappello giungla Ca-digital8,00€
Cappello giungla desert vegetato8,00€
Cappello giungla digital desert8,00€
Cappello giungla impermeabile traspirante 3 strati15,00€
Cappello giungla in polycotton desert 38,00€
Cappello giungla in polycotton woodland8,00€
Cappello giungla mimetico ACU8,00€
Cappello giungla mimetico DPM8,00€
Cappello giungla multicam8,00€
Cappello giungla tiger camouflage10,00€
Cappello giungla urban10,00€
Cappello giungla US digital camo8,00€
Cappello giungla vegetato8,00€
Cappello giungla verde militare8,00€
Cappello giungla woodland8,00€
Cappello Invernale con pelo8,00€
Cappello Jungla Battaglione San Marco8,00€
Cappello jungla flecktarn8,00€
Cappello jungla kaky8,00€
Cappello Luftwaffe con fregio nuovo25,00€
Cappello marina US Navy25,00€
Cappello militare a tesa grigio20,00€
Cappello militare australiano10,00€
Cappello mimetico Bundeswehr con pelo10,00€
Cappello sardo Polizia Rurale5,00€
Cappello tedesco seconda guerra mondiale (copia)30,00€
Cappello truppa Bundeswehr20,00€
Cappello truppa Marina Tedesca30,00€
Colbacco DDR truppa18,00€
Colbacco DDR ufficiale25,00€
Colbacco russo con Stella20,00€
Coppola in panno5,00€
Copricapo mimetico ACU3,00€
Copricapo mimetico canadian digital3,00€
Copricapo mimetico desert 3 colori3,00€
Copricapo mimetico desert 6 colori3,00€
Copricapo mimetico digital3,00€
Copricapo mimetico sky blue3,00€
Copricapo mimetico tiger stripe3,00€
Copricapo mimetico urban3,00€
Copricapo mimetico woodland3,00€
Copricapo vegetato desert3,00€
Copricapo verde militare3,50€
Cuffia colbacco12,00€
Cuffia in pelle da carrista nuova25,00€
Cuffia invernale stile militare5,00€
Cuffia lana con stella5,00€
Cuffia lana SWAT nera8,00€
Cuffia marina spagnola2,00€
Cuffia militare in pelle18,00€
Cuffia mimetica Bundeswehr imbottita usata6,00€
Cuffia POLICE nera8,00€
Cuffia Security nera8,00€
Cuffie FBI, SWAT e SECURITY8,00€
Cuffie in mistolana5,00€
Képi Gendarmeria Francese30,00€
Ombrellino da testa con veletta8,00€
Ombrellino da testa con zanzariera10,00€
Ombrellino da testa mimetico5,00€
Passamontagna 1 buco nero5,00€
Passamontagna 3 buchi5,00€
Passamontagna 3 buchi nero5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 1 buco ACU camo5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 1 buco flecktarn5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 1 buco nero5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 1 buco verde5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 1 buco woodland5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 3 buchi flecktarn5,00€
Passamontagna cotone 3 buchi woodland5,00€
Passamontagna in pile5,00€
Passamontagna mephisto cotone 1 buco5,00€
Passamontagna mephisto cotone 3 buchi5,00€
Passamontagna mimetico in rete spandoflage15,00€
Passamontagna ninja flecktarn7,00€
Passamontagna ninja nero7,00€
Passamontagna ninja verde militare7,00€
Passamontagna ninja woodland7,00€
Passamontagna speciale nero7,00€
Passamontagna Thinsulate verde militare10,00€
Passamontagna visiera5,00€
Set berretto e collare pile8,00€
Stupida anni '80 verde7,00€
Stupida Esercito Italiano Somalia5,00€
Zanzariera da testa verde militare5,00€