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Find the performance choke you need to get the best patterns on the range or in the field. Find Choke Tubes

OUR CHOKE TUBE TECHNearly 30 Years of Choke Tube Patterning Data
to back up each and every choke tube we sell.

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Choke Tube Patterning with Scott Carlson

Harness The Power Of Good Patterns

Most ammo and choke combinations will pattern differently. Using a Performance Carlson's Choke Tube is a great place to start, but don't forget to go to the range and pattern your shotgun for the load and choke you intend to use. Changes in loads or chokes will change your patterns.

  • Choose the Correct Choke
  • Select the right ammunition
  • Pattern the ammo and the choke combination
  • Most barrels don't shoot "Point of Aim"
  • Changing Loads will alter your pattern
  • Be sure to always pattern new combinations
  • Check patterns at varied distances
  • Questions? Call us! We are the Pattern Pros!

What Makes Carlson's Choke Tubes the Shooter's Choice?

We are the industry leader for choke tubes and shotgun patterning and here's why:

Nearly 30 Years of Pattern Data

No other company can claim the patterning and test data we have. We've analyzed thousands of load and choke combos with our proprietary software.

Stainless Steel Construction

Carlson's Choke Tubes are CNC milled from solid 17-4, heat-treated, stainless bars for optimum performance and longevity.

Made in the U.S.A.

Every single Carlson's Choke Tube is made, right here, in the United States.

Lifetime Warranty

We back all of our choke tubes with our lifetime warranty so you can focus on busting clays and filling bag limits.

Need Advice?

Not sure what choke to buy to get the best patterns? We have the most comprehensive interchange guide anywhere.

Free Catalog

Download a free catalog, or email us and we'll mail you a print version for free!

Check our Latest Shooting Products

Check back often for the latest products from Carlson's Choke Tubes

Customer Testimonials

Check out some of our customers have to say about Carlson's Choke Tubes
  • Customer Testimonails

    Carlson's Choke tubes and Barrels is a FANTASTIC company, both their product and apparently their customer service as well. I called them up this morning, not realizing that they were in a different time zone, and someone answered the phone, informed me that they don't open for another half hour, and then offered to answer any quick question that I might have. Very helpful and very kind. I liked their company before, and I really like it now.

    Matthew New York
  • Customer Testimonails

    Wanted to make take my Remington versa max to the next level. Spent weeks review choke tube manufacturer. Carlson took the time to find out what my needs where then directed me to the most effective choke tube for me. I have hunted one season with the Cremator and it has exceeded my wildest dreams.

    Justin Indiana
  • Customer Testimonails

    Thank You !!! Thank You !!!! Chad and Carlson for the Great explanation and insight !!!!
    I just finished speaking with Chad about miss information (chokes not able to shoot ammo faster than 1550 fps.) and great waterfowl guns. He has helped my son and I zero in on just what we need to improve our success !!!!
    Great Job !!! Most Impressive !!!

    Blake Wisconsin
Start Getting Better Patterns Today Choke Tubes


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