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8-Inch Portable DVD Player From Sony

Jul 21, 2008

Watch movies anytime and anywhere you want with Sony's amazing DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Player. With a 6-hour battery life, an 8" high-resolution swivel screen that provides a clear and crisp picture from any angle, 2 headphone jacks for sharing, and a car adapter that ensures your movies outlast even the longest road trip. And when you want more than movies, the FX820 plays your CDs or MP3s, and lets you view your personal photo albums.

Control buttons are located on the screen bezel for ease of use. Skipping or fast forwarding a scene is so easy to do, either with the control buttons or with the dual-sensor remote control. This portable DVD Player is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it anywhere you go. Though it is designed for adults, its durability is certainly built for kids.

The Sony DVP-FX820 delivered on the two most important aspects of a portable DVD player: picture quality and battery life. By doubling the resolution of last year's player on the same size screen, the FX820 delivers a much more detailed image--and it's all very noticeable, thanks to your close proximity to the screen. This was most apparent when we watched an action scene from Aeon Flux that took place in a garden. The fine detail of the grass and flowers was better than any screen we've recently tested.

Battery life, meanwhile, was also impressive: the player hit Sony's rated life of 6 hours right on the nose. That falls far short of the 9 hours we got from the competing Panasonic DVD-LS86, but it should still let you get in about three full movies per charge.
So what's not to like? The Sony DVP-FX820 just doesn't boast any other additional features. You can play back MP3 files and JPEG photos burned to discs (in addition to CDs and DVDs, of course), but that's about it. There's no compatibility with DivX or other digital video formats. Also absent is a USB port or flash card reader.

Of course, none of that is going to be a deal-breaker for anyone who's just looking for a standard portable DVD player. The impressive screen, long battery life, and slick design makes for an overall winner, with the comparatively hefty 2.7-pound weight being the only notable drawback for most users. Widely available for 0, the Sony DVP-FX820 is well worth the premium over "bare-bones" portable DVD players from no-name competitors.


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