Women’s Canada Goose Jackets – Leather

If you’re looking for women’s Jackets, Canada Goose Jackets is your one stop shop! We’ve got lighter jackets for cooler temperatures, heavy jackets for intense winters, and everything in between! cyenvqll. canadá ganso usa We recently had a fashion photo shoot with our models showing off our new 2017 collection. Here’s a sneak peak of an example from the photo shoot:

The jacket you see in the photo above is from our leather collection. This dark leather jacket is perfect for casual nights out or an upscale occasion. There are many shirts you could wear under this article of clothing that will bring attention to you whenever you wear it.

We have a huge collection of leather jackets ranging in many different colors and styles. Most other clothing manufacturers go for a cheaper selection of leather that uses low cost dying processes. The low costs associated with these jackets is appealing to many consumers because of the price… but in the  long run these jackets will not maintain in tact. Have you ever had a leather couch that started cracking and looked terrible because of it? Well, the same thing will happen to your boots if you’re not careful. At Canada Goose Jackets, we only use the highest quality material and place a huge importance on the quality of the materials we make our jackets with. Check out our leather jackets on Amazon!

Another thing we take very seriously is the type of labor that goes into creating our clothing. There are many companies out there that exploit workers in other countries by paying them slave labor to make their clothes. It’s important that you are aware of these types of problems and support companies that apply fair practices and are based on sound principles. We take pride in setting the example for other businesses within our industry and look forward to changing our industry for the better.  Please check out the Youtube video below to get some more insight into the dark side of the clothing industry and what you can do to help change it! This post was sponsored by Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning! The best carpet cleaning Mesa Az has ever seen!

Scottsdale Launch Party

Hey everyone! We have some very exciting news for you… we’re having a block party! That’s right, in celebration of our new retail location opening up in Scottsdale, we’re going to kick things off right with a block party in Old Town Scottsdale. We will be renting a space out in front of Gilligan’s and having live DJ’s, go-go dancers, and complimentary champagne.

If you like great dance music, you’re in for a real treat. We’re bringing on some of Arizona’s best DJ’s including DJ Transit, Wreckineyez, and many more! Our sound stage will have some state of the speakers and numerous TV screens pumping out some awesome graphics. Our friends over at Dynamic AV Solutions who offers the best home theater installation scottsdale has to offer, will be setting up the entire stage.  If you aren’t into live DJ’s spinning records than you can come on inside and check out the local band, Tombraider. They’ve been touring the United States for the past year and this will be their first show since they came back home to Arizona. This is certainly a night of local talent that you will not want to miss!

If you’re interested in going to this party, please contact us here. We will be pre-selling tickets that will start at $15 and will move up to $25 the night of the show. We are really excited to make a name for ourselves in the Scottsdale community and we’re hoping this event will give us a jump start. Some other fun stuff we will be doing at our launch party will include free Canada-Goosejackets, shirts, raffle prizes, beer pong tournament, and goldfish races. This is going to be a wild night of celebration and we hope you all can make it! Please e-mail us for exact party details.


Men’s Canada Goose Jackets

We take pride in making the best jackets on the planet for men. Our market place is full of companies that would rather sell low quality materials for a higher profit margin which is not OK. We understand that there are some people out there that can’t afford to buy high quality jackets and need a less expensive option, but too many people out there are over paying for clothes that are made out of cheap materials and were created through the means of slave labor. The companies that are over charging consumers are the reason we got into this business in the first place. We knew that our customers would appreciate our transparency in our manufacturing process and we would build a long lasting brand based on correct business principles.

Before our clothing line expanded into different types clothing for both men and women, our men’s jacket was the first piece of clothing our President ever made. He was cold one evening and went to his local shopping mall to buy a jacket. While he was browsing through numerous selections in multiple stores, he never really loved any of the styles or the types of materials they were made out of. Our President set out to create a better jacket for men and since that day has never stopped innovating and pushing the envelope.

If you’re looking for a mens jacket, look no further than Canda-Goosejackets.net. If you order from one of our online partners, such as amazon.com, we guarantee all of our clothes so if you’re unhappy with it, they’ll refund your money with no questions asked. We strive to create long lasting relationships with our customers so if you ever have any constructive criticism or complaints, please contact us here.

Welcome To Canada-Goose Jackets!

Your favorite Canadian brand of jackets is opening up in Scottsdale, AZ! We decided to start this blog in order to share with you all the information we have about our clothing line. With many different jackets on the market, it’s important to know how the manufacturing of your clothes is affecting the planet, other peoples lives, and the overall quality of the material you’re wearing. We hope this blog serves it’s purpose in being educational for our consumers and we are really looking at opening up a store in the sunny state of Arizona.

A lot of people have been asking us why we decided to open up a location in a state that is known for being hot and doesn’t quite fit our target market for selling our jackets. One of the reasons we decided to open up shop in Arizona is because we want to start testing our cut off jackets that we will be introducing early this year. We think this type of style can really take off and a lot of people use social media in Arizona so we are also looking to grow our brand and American presence in general.

While we are excited to test out our new image in AZ, we are also planning on opening up several locations throughout the east coast in the next year. We plan on promoting our usual winter jacket styles of clothing in these regions and continue to branch out once we hit our stride on the cut off jackets. Canada-Goose Jackets has big plans for the future and we are happy to inform our customers about our company on this website.