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Latest Moncler Collection Offers an Artsy Take on Your Summer Wardrobe


Moncler’s latest collection is set to add a witty, subversive punch to your summer wardrobe. The brand, which is known for its wildly popular—and ultra-functional—winter gear, has teamed up with Paris-based illustrator and painter Jean-Philippe Delhomme, best known for his whimsical takes on fashion and popular culture, to capture the essence of the world’s most famous beaches. The resulting Postcards collection, which features a range of T-shirts, swim shorts, and windbreakers, is a vibrant and playful nod to iconic summertime destinations like Venice Beach, the Hamptons, and Positano.


His resulting illustrations have been emblazoned across summertime wardrobe staples using a unique combination of digital printing and embroidery. After being coated in resin, each illustration is then printed and brought to life via embroidered details that create a 3-D effect on the final garment. In addition to printed T-shirts and jackets, the collection also includes solid pieces that draw from each of the illustrations’ cheery yellow, blue, red, and sandy beige color palettes.

Standout pieces from the collection—which is available to purchase both in store and online—include cherry-tomato-red swim shorts ($220), a T-shirt featuring an Americana take on the Hamptons ($480), and a playful, Positano-inspired rendition of Moncler’s classic windbreaker ($1,355). (

How Did Remo Ruffini Turn the Humble Moncler Down Jackets into a Multibillion-Dollar Empire?

The French National Ski Team wearing Moncler, 1966.

By the time Ruffini was born, Moncler was already established as a European luxury label. Founded in 1952 by the French entrepreneur René Ramillon (the name is an abbreviation for Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town), the company originated as a producer of outdoor equipment—tents, sleeping bags—and began to make down jackets at the request of the legendary French mountaineer Lionel Terray.

Soon there was a specialized line: Moncler Pour Lionel Terray. Italian and French mountaineers wore the gear through the ’50s and ’60s, and in the 1968 Winter Olympic Games, so did the French ski team. Jean-Claude Killy hung his three gold medals over a cheap Moncler jacket. As Alpine holidays grew more popular, the company became a signifier of ski glamour. “Moncler!” reminisces the Italian-Texan socialite Michele Recchi. “You put on one of their jackets and felt like you were Grace Kelly at the Palace Hotel.”

At 14, Ruffini himself owned a prized puffer that he flaunted on his motorbike. In the ’80s, the jackets became an unofficial uniform for a posh group of teenage rebels nicknamed paninari, after Il Panino, a popular snack bar in Milan. The fad got so big that it inspired a song by the Pet Shop Boys, “Paninaro,” and spawned a rogue subculture of kids who slashed their puffers and covered them with graffiti.

By the end of the ’90s, however, Moncler was struggling, pinched between the viral expansion of luxury brands like Prada and Gucci and mega sportswear companies like the North Face. But in 2003, Ruffini arrived, determined to woo a broader range of consumers. When he and his backers bought the ailing label, it had total annual sales of about $62 million; by 2010, they were $368 million. “Other brands have a target,” he says, “perhaps a certain age group, people earning a certain amount of money. But I thought: We need to make something for skateboarding kids, for travelers, for the elegant lady who dines out.” The jackets became both more high-tech and more high fashion. He expanded aggressively, especially in the hungry new markets of Asia, and balanced tradition and innovation by creating distinct lines: Moncler outlet uk Grenoble, the classic sportswear division; Gamme Rouge, the couture-ish women’s line, designed by Giambattista Valli; and Thom Browne’s daring Gamme Bleu men’s line. (Aside from Pharrell, there have also been collaborations with Junya Watanabe, Sacai’s Chitose Abe, Erdem Moralioglu, Masaaki Homma, the kooky Los Angeles collective FriendsWithYou, and most recently, Kanye West’s stylemeister, Virgil Abloh.) Less splashy but perhaps most remarkable of all is an ultralight collection called Longue Saison, which has somehow succeeded in getting people to consider down jackets a warm-weather staple.

MR & MRS Moncler Outlet: Heavy call timeless style collection

Mr. & MRS Moncler is specially built for this bold innovations ambassador – Brand fashion modern “virtual couple” of the characters, the replica into the popular collection of clothing, hidden behind the interpretation of series beauty integration.


As from the French and Italian luxury brand, today alliance can gaze Moncler committed to creating all kinds of fashion products, Mr. & MRS. Moncler Outlet brand is a symbol of the move to open up a new realm of design. This is different from the past, social networks make unlimited extension of the boundaries of communication, the development of digital technology is redefining everything. At this moment, Mr. & MRS. Moncler appears naturally do not have a meaning. Hope by creating a unique brand image and cartoon characters, and in which the subtle blend of the 1960’s retro video game style sports and social media favorite fun elements to in-depth interpretation of the unique contemporary style.

Final work absorbing, eclectic, the perfect fusion of years of sedimentation classic charm and vibrant modern culture, so that the creation of a representative classic brand down jackets re-Hwan new look beginning. Mr. & MRS. Moncler presented a new feather series not only continues the retro look, and reveals the vibrancy of modern style and fashion attitude conferred.


Shiny nylon down jacket is not only the main works in this series, it is also the AU can gaze cheap Moncler Collection indispensable fashion boutique. This series of deep mellow tones interpret the beauty, charm burgundy, midnight blue light, England, dark green, deep and mysterious black are beautiful. In Mr. & MRS. Moncler prototype to create a special series are accompanied by a special label, which is different from the other series on display in store clothing.


The end of August 2016, Mr. & MRS. Moncler brand will be the first global flagship store Jiemian Sha, via a specially designed window display also told us tirelessly moving story of the digital world.

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Twin Cities: Kanuk vs. Canada Goose

The parka: A comparative study.



485, rue Rachel E., 514-284-4494

01 | The Brand
At its headquarters on Rue Rachel in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, Kanuk makes a coat for every notch on the thermometer, down to -40°C.

02 | The Backstory
Kanuk was born in a garage in Outremont in 1974 when designer Louis Grenier couldn’t find a coat light, attractive and warm enough for Quebec winters. His secret? Top-quality synthetic insulation that isn’t pierced by a single stitch.

03 | The Coat
Ultra-light despite its proficiency at -20°C, this season’s Bonaventure coat has a fleece-lined wraparound collar, adjustable cuffs and a soft microfibre shell that makes it 100-percent windproof. With minimal puffiness and muted colours (like the men’s charcoal, pictured), it creates a sleek, urban silhouette. $699.

04 | The Adventure
Zip up for a skating party at Parc Lafontaine, just blocks from the store, and then stroll over to Rue Saint-Denis for dinner at the classic French bistro L’Express (3927 Rue Saint-Denis, 514-845-5333). The hanger steak with shallot butter is a local favourite.

05 | The Client List
Céline Dion, playright Michel Tremblay, sculptor Armand Vaillancourt and Radio-Canada TV personalities Elyse Marquis and Joël Legendre.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

01 | The Brand
Canada Goose products, made entirely in Canada and sold in more than 44 countries worldwide, have made extreme-weather wear synonymous with high style.

02 | The Backstory
Founded by Sam Tick in 1957, Canada Goose started in a small warehouse on Spadina Avenue. Tick’s grandson, Dani Reiss, took the company’s helm in 2001, and continues to manufacture goose-down coats for use in some of the coldest places on Earth.

03 | The Coat
Part of the Branta Collection, the Como parka has you covered up to -25°C but keeps you chic with its Italian-wool outer shell, treated so it’s completely waterproof, wind-resistant and breathable. This model for men comes in four hues (including black, pictured), insulated with signature goose down. $1,850.

04 | The Adventure
The Como may hold its own on the Aspen scene, but it’s also the ideal jacket for a tobogganing session at Christie Pits Park, kicked off with a quick espresso to go from the Sam James Coffee Pocket in the Annex (688A Bloor St. W.). Geronimo!

05 | The Client List
Drake, Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone.


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