Protest outside the Canada Goose Store Protest-New York. NY. USA

New York, USA. 15th Nov, 2016. Today protests are taking place in cities around the country and world in a Worldwide Day of Action against Canada Goose. Credit: Mark Apollo/Hashtag Occupy Media

In New York City protest took place at the new Canada Goose store at 101 Wooster St in New York City, with about 35 protesters bringing awareness to the ongoing animal suffering and death that goes into each and every Canada Goose coat. 

Since the store the store opening on November 17th 2016, they have been plagued with loud, raucous and continuous disruptive protests, both inside and outside the store, from large groups of people seeking to educate shoppers about the tremendous animal suffering and that they are not just buying a coat but buying and paying death to the countless animals each year who suffer and die so there fashion statement.

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