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ISIS is still pushing towards cutting off T4 but it seems that the situation is stabilizing. ISIS fighters are very close to the base perimeter. Russian Msta-B howitzers have been sighted in the base but I doubt there are any Russian artillerymen left there. And the photo shows one of the guns being used in a direct fire role. It was previously noted that the SAA has a hard time employing indirect-fire weapons effectively. There's also footage, allegedly from the counter-attack near T-4, of a TOS-1 in use.

Meanwhile the US have destroyed some of the equipment the SAA abandoned in Palmyra with airstrikes.

Gur Khan attacks!: В Сирии авиабазу Т-4 под Пальмирой обороняют российские "Мста-Б"
Т4 - Военный Блог
США нанесли удар по Пальмире - Военный Блог

The Turks have closed off access to al-Bab from the west, likely to prevent the Kurds from making a move on it. Given how passively the Turks have reacted to SAA victories in Aleppo and given the lack of any noise about the Turks from Russia, it looks like both sides are still sticking to the deal they've made. Another noteworthy detail, the Turks are using their ethnic Kirgiz militia as part of the assault force on al-Bab.

Аль-Баб и
канадская гусиная кенсингтонская парка
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