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Anti Fur / Anti-Canada Goose Inc. Protest schedueld for Sat, Jan 14th @ Channers London

Malcolm Klimowicz

By Malcolm Klimowicz

Media Release:
On Saturday, Jan 14, 2017 KOALA (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) and ALA (London Animal Liberation Alliance) will be holding Anti-Fur / Anti-Canada Goose Inc. protests at both of the only 2 Channers clothiers locations. The first protest is scheduled for 10:30am at 95 King Street South in Uptown Waterloo and the second protest is scheduled for 4:00pm at 581 Wonderland Road South in London, ON.
Channers clothiers sells Canada Goose Inc. jackets which are made with real coyote fur trim and real down feathers. The coyotes who are killed to make this fur trim are caught with cruel leg hold traps that crush the animals leg/paw. These traps catch animals indiscriminately. 2/3rds of animals caught will be discarded as “trash animals”. These traps also often catch endangered species and companion animals. While the animal is trapped, they may chew off their own limb to escape. They can bleed, freeze, or starve to death. Then at the end, they are beaten or shot to death by the trapper.
“Imagine a mother coyote caught in the freezing cold trapped with a bleeding, broken leg who can’t return to feed her pups. That idea is extremely sickening to so many Canadians, especially because this cruelty is all for a decoration on a coat. An animal’s life is worth more than a fashion statement.”
- Malcolm Klimowicz.
These protests are part of a larger campaign called #MakeFurHistory where people are demanding an end to the killing of animals for clothing. Recently Canada Goose Inc. opened stores in New York City and Toronto and were met by massive anti-fur protests on their opening days.
“In 2017, when we have the capability to make all sorts of synthetic and natural materials for clothing (including faux fur), how can anyone justify taking an animal’s life for such a frivolous thing as fur trim on a coat? It is simply not ethical and most people agree. We should take pride in our Canadian wildlife, not in a company that has no morals.”
-Malcolm Klimowicz

Malcolm Klimowicz – KOALA organizer (Kitchener)


Jason King – ALA organizer (London)

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