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Balance Assessment

(Videonystagmography – VNG/ Electronystagmography – ENG)

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The Balance Assessment at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, Inc. is a protocol that objectively and behaviorally documents vestibular function as well as screens the ocular and somatosensory system’s contribution to balance. The purpose of this test is to determine the location of the disorder (peripheral vs. central), evaluate the patient’s functional abilities, and make appropriate recommendations for the direction of care.

Test time is approximately 75 minutes. For testing validity and patient comfort, the patient is referred to Balance Assessment Patient Instructions located on this website. Additionally, the patient is asked to complete the Balance Assessment Questionnaire, located on this website, prior to testing and bring it to the appointment. The Audiologists at Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic are fully certified, have all received post-doctoral and post-graduate training from accredited universities in the administration and interpretation of balance assessments.

The objective assessment of balance is completed utilizing the VNG/ENG protocols in combination with tests of vestibular autorotation, dynamic visual acuity, and sensory organization performance.

Videonystagmography / Electronystagmography (VNG/ENG) During this evaluation, the patient wears a pair of goggles equipped with an infrared camera (VNG) or recording electrodes (ENG) that are connected to a diagnostic computer. The camera/electrodes track eye movement resulting from Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VOR) in response to visual, postural, and temperature varied stimulus. The procedure can be divided into five subcategories: Oculomotor tests, positional and positioning tests, active rotation tests, bithermal caloric tests, and Posturographic tests.

Oculomotor Tests examine the ability to maintain a gaze on distant or moving objects as an indicator of neurological disease. A wide variety of specific eye movements associated with various pathologic conditions are well documented in the literature. Four types of eye movements are of particular interest when we assess balance:

  • Saccades – Rapid eye movements that enable us to redirect our line of site.
  • Pursuit – The ability to follow an object smoothly while maintaining a stable image on the fovea.
  • Optokinetic Nystagmus – Evoked by visually following moving objects in the visual field.
  • Fixation – Eye movements associated with keeping the eyes still.

Positional and Positioning Tests allow the Audiologist to determine if the vestibular system responds normally and symmetrically to changes in head movements. Positional testing detects the presence of nystagmus (tracking eye movements) that may result from being placed in specific head or body positions. The Hallpike Maneuver is a postural (positioning) test that is used in the specific identification of Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), also known as canaloithiasis or cupulolithiasis of the posterior/horizontal semicircular canal. BPPV is the most common cause of dizziness in patients over the age of 50 years, and the most treatable.

Active Head Rotation Tests examine the high frequency vestibular function and efficiency of the horizontal and vertical Vestibular Ocular Reflex.

  • High Frequency testing is designed to evoke nystagmus in patients with asymmetrical vestibular function. The nystagmus is the result of an uneven charging of the velocity storage mechanism. The patient is instructed to shake the head horizontally in a “no” gesture for 20 seconds, after which the recording is made.
  • Vestibular Autorotation Testing (VORTEQ) assesses the horizontal and vertical VOR across a range of frequencies (1-3 Hz). From the relative eye and head velocity data, values for phase, gain, and symmetry are computed and compared to normative data.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) is a threshold of visual resolution achieved during vertical and horizontal head motion (1-3 Hz) compared to static baseline thresholds. This test examines at retinal image stability or the resulting oscillopisia.

Caloric Tests The term caloric indicates a measure of heat transfer. Caloric testing is the warming or cooling of the external auditory canal and temporal bone with air. Changing the temperature of the auditory canal stimulates the horizontal semicircular canal of the irrigated ear, inducing a nystagmus response in the functional ear. By inducing the nystagmus response, the physiologic integrity of the patient’s low frequency right horizontal semicircular canal can be compared to that of the left.

Posturographic Tests examines the patient’s reliance on each of three supporting balance sensory systems: vestibular, vision, and somatosensory. The test provides qualitative information about the patient’s pattern of equilibrium maintenance by systematically causing each of the three sensory inputs to be unreliable. This is accomplished through clinical observation of six conditions: Romberg, Romberg-Vision Deprived, Tandem Romberg, Tandem Romberg – Vision Deprived, Romberg – Somatosensory Deprived, Romberg – Vision and Somatosensory Deprived, Stepping Fukuda.


Any patient with acute or chronic dizziness or imbalance for whom acute cardiac and neurological disorders have been ruled out. Additionally, the procedure may be utilized as pre and post intervention as a measure of treatment efficacy.

Significant Findings:

Oculomotor Tests
Spontaneous Nystagmus – The presence of nystagmus in the absence of any known nystagmogenic stimulus. The characteristics of spontaneous nystagmus depend on whether the vestibular problem is peripheral, central, or congenital.

Horizontal and Vertical Gaze – Impaired gaze holding may indicate the presence of a central lesion. Any persistent nystagmus for ocular displacement of 30 degrees or less is considered abnormal. Causes of gaze evoked nystagmus include medication, brainstem or cerebellar disorders, normal variants, ocular muscle fatigue, and congenital nystagmus.

Saccade Tests
Velocity has normal range of 350-750 degrees/second.

Latencies of greater than 400ms. An asymmetry of latency may indicate the presence of a lesion involving the parietal or occipital cortex, however, patient anticipation or lack of cooperation may also influence findings.

Accuracy abnormalities may be subclassified into four groups.

  • Overshoot dysmetria (overshooting target with corrective saccades) with frequency of greater than 50% and amplitudes of greater than 2 degrees are suggestive of cerebellar lesion.
  • Undershoot dysmetria (undershooting target with corrective saccades) that is constant and significant (less than 50% of target displacement) is suggestive of basal ganglia disorder such as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Glissades (gliding to the target) with an obvious pulse step mismatch causes suspicion of brainstem or cerebellar disorder.
  • Pulsion (the pulling of the vertical saccade to the right or left) may be indicative of cerebellar artery infarcts, however, recording of this phenomena is not clinically practical, and therefore not included in this protocol.

Pursuit or Sinusiodal Pendular Tracking is effected by frequency, age, and gender and therefore requires conservative interpretation. Clinically, patients with symmetrical pursuit should be categorized as perfect (gain greater than .8), moderately impaired (gain of .2 to .8), or no pursuit at all (less than .2). No pursuit is suggestive of central vestibular involvement, as is asymmetrical or reversed pursuit.

Optokinetic Tests (OPK) should produce a balanced response to a moving repetitive pattern with gain of .5. Symmetrically reduced gain occurs in visual disorders. Asymmetrical gain can follow complete unilateral peripheral vestibular lesions and briefly following unilateral parietooccipital lesions. Reversed or Inverted OPK occurs in patients with congenital nystagmus.

Positional/Positioning Tests
Positional Nystagmus (not present with head upright, but in one or more position) may be the result of peripheral or central vestibular involvement.

Hallpike Maneuver is used to identify patients with Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). The Classic Hallpike (BPPV response) will show a latency of 1 second or more, duration of less than one minute, present with torsional nystagmus (see video below), may show reversal when patient returns to upright position, and is fatigable (response is less robust with successive trials).

Active Head Rotation Tests
High Frequency Headshake nystagmus of greater than 7 deg/sec is thought to be abnormal, and may be present in patients with a non-compensated vestibulopathy. Nystagmus will beat away from the side of lesion (presenting unilateral weakness) in chronic peripheral vestibular lesions, and toward the site of lesion in acute (first 24 hours) peripheral lesions or with patients with acoustic neuroma.

Vestibular Autorotation results are considered to be normal when Phase values are approximately zero at lower frequencies, and lag at higher frequencies, Gain values approximate .9 at lower frequencies and decline at higher frequencies, and Symmetry values approximate zero at all frequencies. Deviation from the norms in either horizontal or vertical rotation is suggestive of an abnormal Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VOR).

Dynamic Visual Acuity is useful in the identification of horizontal or vertical oscillopsia. Normal patients will demonstrate a decrement of no more than two lines on the visual acuity chart (Micromedical) or 20% (Gans CDVAT).

Caloric Testing
A comparison of the strength of four caloric conditions is made, as is the ability to suppress the response. Cool (24 degree) right ear (RC) and warm (50 degree) left ear (LW) result in left beating nystagmus responses. Cool left (LC), and warm right (RW) result in right beating nystagmus responses.

A determination of Unilateral Weakness or UW (a.k.a. reduced labyrinthine reactivity where one ear’s response is weaker than the other) is made utilizing the following equation:

UW = (LC + LW) – (RC + RW) X 100
(LC + LW + RC + RW)

A determination of Directional Preponderance or DP is made utilizing the equation:

DP = (LC + LW) – (RC + RW) X 100
(LC + LW + RC + RW)

Gans Sensory Organization Performance Test
The Gans SOP Test is best used to look at overall patterns of balance performance through it’s combination of the Romberg, CTSIB and Stepping Fukuda Tests. Although no test of balance function can provide a specific diagnosis, there are well-established patterns of functional impairment that have been found to correlate with various vestibular function tests (Gans Sensory Organization Performance TM – The American Institute of Balance, Seminole FL).


Upon completion of the Balance Assessment, the referring physician will be provided with a detailed report and analysis of the findings.


To ensure test validity and patient comfort, please refer patient to the Balance Assessment Patient Instructions found in this website.


BALOH, R.W., Dizziness, Hearing Loss, and Tinnitus, FA Davis Co., Philadelphia Wilkins, St. Louis, MO, 2001

CLARK, J.B. “Evaluation of Visual Vestibular Interaction with Dynamic Visual Acuity Test”,Vestibular Update, Issue 20, Micromedical Technologies, 2003

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SHEPARD, N.T. and TELIAN, Practical Management of the Balance Disordered Patient, Singular Publishing Group, San Diego.

gans down jacket

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парка канада гусь


                             **** Tune Index all Muddled up ****   I've just posted a tune here for the first time in months. While I was on the site I noticed that the tune names are no longer in alphabetical order. I think they are now in chronoligical order. If you just type Ctrl +F and then put in the tune name, or part of the name,  it will take you to the link for that tune if it is on the site.              

newpic.jpg flutess.jpg devil_and_flute2.jpg Hello. This site contains recordings I have made as a source of tunes for people who play the flute, or other instruments for that matter. They are just versions of tunes as I remember them. My memory isn’t the best so some of the versions and the titles might be a bit astray but hopefully they’ll be of some use. I usually play the tunes once through slowly to make them easier to learn, then I have a bit of a run at them to give another view of them. I hope this approach is OK. If anyone has any comments, or tune suggestions, please get in touch ( ). At this stage tune suggestions are particularly welcome as my "isn't the best" memory has started to resist my attempts to plunder it for any more material. Thanks, Michael. (The tunes are split over a number of pages to stop the pages being too slow to load. To go to the next page, please click on Previous Entries at the bottom of the page, otherwise use the index on the left of the screen to navigate to a specific tune). These tunes are now available via iTunes so you don't even have to go through the displeasing process of accessing this site directly to hear them. Hearing the tunes may be hardship enough in itself.  I don't really know what the iTunes caper means but a search for "Irish Flute Tunes" will point to where this stuff lives in iTunesville.  The URL via which to subscribe is .  If that all made no sense to you then welcome to my world.


Slowing Down Tunes


Just in case the tunes on this site aren’t dull enough, you can slow them down using recent versions of Windows Media Player (I’m sure there are plenty of other ways of doing this too).


In Windows Media player click Now Playing at the top of the screen then pick Enhancements and then Play Speed Settings. There is a nice range of speeds displayed but I can only get the half speed one to work. That’s probably enough to be getting on with in any case.

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Black Pat’s Reel


I've been living in a teeny weeny flat in Luxembourg for the last three weeks and have been afraid to play in case the people in the teeny weeny flats above and beside me objected. I finally got playing last night in a pub at a session with 4 flutes - just like home only the drink was a lot dearer. This tune was mentioned (not by me) but nobody knew it well enough to play it. I've given myself a crash course in playing the tune today in my teeny weeny apartment in this nice little country. I think the first half of the term 'crash course' might be the most relevant here. I'll blame that on my fear of annoying the residents near my little Luxembourgish lodging.


I think Tommy Peoples made this tune up. Best to find a recording of him playing it, or any other tune for that matter.

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Sweet Biddy Daly (jig)

This jig is also known as 'Health to the Ladies'. It's a good tune for getting used to playing in A as it doesn't need any G sharps. As for the identity of Sweet Biddy Daly: I think she was the alter ego of Sour Suzie Knightly. biddydaly.jpg

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The Gates of Mullagh (reel)

Here's a reel composed by Josephne Keegan. I can't tell you much about the title though I know that a gate is like a door with the outside on its inside and outside; a Mullagh (or mullach) is a hilltop and so lots of hilly places are named after this feature: .

  Here are some dots: 00:00 00:00 Share | Comments | Download ( Loading )

The One Horned Cow (reel)

Here's a reel which was included in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland in 1907 as 'An Bhó Mhaol / The Hornless Cow' but was recorded by Liam Walsh in 1933 as 'The One Horned Cow'  The beast must have sprouted a bit in the intervening 26 years; unless 1930s Waterford had a population of bovine unicorns - possibly only visible to Uilleann Pipers.  Maybe it still does. (There's a baby battering a table in the background of this recording - more in time than many percussionists).  Here are the cow's dots.
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The Lonesome Jig

Here's a Lonesome Jig.  It only has 681 companions on this site so far - no wonder it feels a bit isolated.

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The Blarney Pilgrim (jig)


Here's a tune I've managed to overlook during the years I've been putting tunes on this site.  It refers to the Blarney Stone the kissing of which is reputed to leave a great facility for fine talk on the lips which were in contact with said stone.  I was taken for my contact with the Blarney Stone when I was a child, though I think I was held the wrong way up and the incorrect bit of me made contact with the little rock of eloquence. You can find the dots here:

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Mama’s Pet (3)

I've just got my nice old flute back from a period in a flute hospital so felt inspired to post a tune on it before I break it again.

This tune appears to be the third Mama's Pet I've posted here so she'll maybe able to open a small zoo.  I'm not sure what species this pet is or even how many limbs it has, if any, or whether it has fur or just skin or scales.  The details I could find are here:

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The Shamrock Barndance

Here's a tune popular among some fiddle players in Donegal.  I'm not sure whether it is unpopular among everyone else in that county but I'll maybe avoid playing it there just to be on the safe side. There is a version of it here: taken down from the fiddle playing of Vincent Campbell (presumably one of the Donegal fiddle players amongst whom this tune is popular).  I've also heard a recording of John Doherty playing it and I first learned it from another fiddle player, i.e. Paul O'Shaughnessy who has a keen awarness of the Donegal fiddle zeitgeist. 514_400x400_NoPeel.jpg?region=name:Front 00:00 00:00 Share | Comments | Download ( Loading )

The Walls of Limerick (Reel)

Just grabbing a rare moment in the house when not being entertained / attacked (it's a fine line) by children.  The first 2 minutes of that moment have been used up by playing this reel. told me it is called the Walls of Limerick.  I have it on a recording of John McKenna on the flute with Michael Gaffney (I think) on the banjo.  The notes at look very like it.  I'm sure all will be revealed and explained when 'Imminent' becomes 'Recent' in a while ... 00:00 00:00 Share | Comments | Download ( Loading )

Down The Meadow - Reel

Here's a tune which John McKenna recorded.  To hear it played properly in digitised ex-shiny-shellac format you'll soon be able to buy the CD referred to here:

The notation here isn't too far off the way McKenna had it (closer that I could manage in any case).

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Last Night’s Joy (reel)

Here's a reel I just heard on a recording of the Donegal fiddle maestro John Doherty. There are a few written versions here: As for the title - I think mine was finding half a packet of Kettle Chips and only being beaten 9:3 at Connect Four by my phone. 00:00 00:00 Share | Comments | Download ( Loading )

Roger’s Jig

Here's an old, neglected Sligo jig.   There's a recording of Paddy Sweeney from Moylough in Sligo playing it on a fiddle in 1937: .  I like listening to recordings like that of tunes played at a quick pace and then hearing people who extol the virtues of Coleman, Sweeney, Killoran et al, giving off at people for playing too fast when they are playing much slower that their heroes every played.  I'm sorry if that was a very clumsily cobbled sentence - I'm not used to the heat - a bit of which has been visited upon us of late.  You'll be able to find the tune in squashed tadpole form at and play it at whatever speed you like.

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The Southwest Wind (An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas) - jig

Here's a jig from the South West - mar atá Co. Clare.  I associate it with Willie Clancy.  I'm not sure whether its title refers to the direction the air flowed through his pipes while he played it.  I think my flute was more Mecca-wards when I was playing it on this occasion - that would just be a west wind - with slight precipitation towards the end of the tune.

For disciples of the dot there's always .

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Michael Ryan’s reel

Here's a Gan Ainm - one of a host of Gans Ainm in Breandán Breathnach's Ceol Rince na hÉireann 2.  At least the person BB got the tune from had an ainm - namely Michael Ryan, a flute player from Co. Sligo, so (that's 'so' the conjunction rather than the Sligo 'SO' that you may see on a numberplate in Ballymote) I'll call the tune after Mr. R.   Mr. B. gave the reel the rather appealing number 142 in his book.

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Lad O’Beirne’s Reel (2)

Here's another Lad O'Beirne's reel.  I don't know much about it.

The notes in dotty form can be found here:

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The Morning Lark (jig)

Here's a close relative of the 'Lark in the Morning'.  This one has fewer parts - from my playing it sounds as though it may be missing a wing and part of its voice.

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Paddy Fahey’s reel

Here's a reel I was reminded of today by listening to a recording of Brendan McGlinchey, the great fiddle player from Armagh.  He plays it in C on the recording but I'm all at sea without a paddle in that key for this tune so I'll wear my hat with a 'D' on it for now.

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Ownie Davey’s Reel

Here's another effort on my Rudall and Lazarus flute.  The version of the tune here is decidedly dodgy.  I half learned it lots of moons ago before I ever heard a recording of it.  A more reliable version can be got here: .  I was reminded of the tune today about 10 minutes after the postman kindly delivered a copy of this lovely recording: (the packaging was quite hard to open otherwise I'd have heard it a bit sooner).

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John Dwyer’s Reel

Here's my latest attempt to play my old Rudall flute.  I've been using a combination of insulating tape, knives, scissors, super glue, our child's skin moisturiser and kettle steam as tools of resuscitation; maybe I should be trying them on the flute.

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Up Sligo

Here's a jig which comes from up Sligo.  Dots can be found up here:

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My Former Wife (jig)

Here's an old jig played on an old flute.


This poor flute is falling apart, maybe due to modern nasties like central heating which weren't about when it was young.  It seems not to like being 'My Warmer Fife'.

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The Stolen Purse (jig)


Here's a tune I've played for years.  I never knew a name for it so I played it into the magic machine and that is where this title came out of.  My first part for the tune is a bit different from the versions on the computer but I suppose there's no harm in that.  It's worth taking note of the advice on the photo even if the tune is of no interest.

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Lavin’s Favourite (reel)

This also goes under the name of 'Lavan's Favorite' in 'Ryan's Mammoth Collection'.   I've tried to play it fairly close to the dotty version here: (Larry Lavin's Choice).

A combination of warm weather and a bit of recent, regular playing has allowed me to get through this tune on my boxwood flute without it falling apart (that's the flute I'm talking about - not so sure about poor Larry's reel).

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Dillon Brown (aka Laington’s reel)

Here's a fairly straightforward version of a popular reel in A.  I avoided any G sharps in the slow version lest I may sustain a cut finger.  There may be one or two (sharps and / or damaged digits) lurking around the quicker version.

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The Girls of Banbridge (jig)

Here's an approximation of O'Neill's version of a popular jig.  The dots can be found at:

If you want to hear it played properly you could do worse than click on this link: .

The name  in Coleman's version is 'Bainbridge' - maybe a reference to characters in Beryl's very early work  (she'd have been 8 at the time).

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Carolan’s Concerto

Here's a different sort of tune by way of a change.  I've just played each part singly the first time round.  If I appear to be rushing a bit during the quicker version that's probably because I was being distracted by the smell of the 'Young's Chip Shop Fish Fillet in Crisp Bubbly Batter' which is in the process of being turned into my dinner in my oven.  I bet Carolan never had that problem.  If he did occasionally salivate over the notion of some 17th / 18th century convenience food it was probably not too much of an encumbrance on his harp playing anyway.

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The Thrush in the Storm

I hope the title of this reel refers to matters ornithological and meteorological and not medical.

I was reminded of this tune today when I heard a recording of Sheila O'Dowd playing it ( track 16).  It is in Breathnach's Ceol Rince na hÉireann vol. 1  and someone has kindly made the notes available at .  That's about all I have to say on the matter just now.

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The Ballina Lasses

I've been trying to learn to play a C#D accordion and was reminded of this tune while playing through a few books as a way of telling my fingers that there's more than one melody in the world.  The box playing may be a sort of insurance against tooth loss which would make the flute sound a bit gummy; cleaning and flossing might be an easier approach.

This tune is in the book 'Trip to Sligo' under the title 'Come up in the room I want you'.  I played it (on the flute) into the machine and was given the title I've used here.  The person in the 'up in the room' name may even have been addressing the Ballina Lasses at the time of utterance.  I don't know what Tunepal will think it's called if I try playing it on the squeezebox.

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Terry Hi Ho the Grinder (slip jig)

Here's a tune with a funny name.  I learned it from a flute player with a less peculiar appellation, i.e. Harry Bradley.

I recorded this on a mobile phone mp3 recording app (and a flute) and the end result seems to include some 78rpm type crackles.  That may have been an option which I inadvertantly chose on the recording device.

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    • Old Tipperary
    • The Pipe on The Hob
    • Garrett Barry's Jig
    • The Cliffs of Moher
    • The Lisling Banshee
    • The Boys of the Town
    • The Leitrim Fancy (Jig)
    • The Banks of Lough Gowna
    • The Kesh Jig
    • The Humours of Ennistymon
    • The Hare in the Corn
    • Slieve Russell
    • James Byrnes Jig
    • The Lark in the Morning
    • Sixpenny Money
    • Tell Her I Am
    • The Blackthorn Stick
    • The Rose in The Heather
    • The Rosewood Jig
    • Out On The Ocean
    • Bímis ag Ól
    • Paddy Taylor's Jig
    • Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh (2)
    • Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh (1)
    • Larry O'Gaff
    • The Mouse In The Cupboard
    • Wallop The Spot
    • Jackson's Morning Breeze
    • Palm Sunday
    • Young Tom Ennis
    • The Tenpenny Bit
    • The Maid At The Spinning Wheel
    • Tatter Jack Walsh
    • Gallagher's Frolics
    • Cornelius Curtin's Big Balloon
    • The Australian Waters
    • Saddle the Pony
    • Haste to the Wedding
    • Shandon Bells
    • The Rakes of Kildare
    • Fasten The Leg in Her
    • When Sick is it Tea You Want?
    • The Irish Washerwoman
    • The Swans among the Rushes
    • Life is all chequered
    • Port Sheáin tSeosaimh (Old Joe's Jig)
    • Pull The Knife and Stick it Again
    • The Boys of Tandragee
    • Paddy Clancy's Jig
    • The Tar Road to Sligo
    • Patsy Geary's Jig
    • The Cúil Aodha Jig
    • Gillian's Apples (1)
    • Gillian's Apples (2)
    • Old Hag You have Killed Me
    • Down The Back Lane
    • The Broken Lantern
    • The Creel of Turf
    • The Setting Sun
    • Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part
    • Apples in Winter
    • Paddy Breen's Jig
    • Billy McCormick's Jig
    • The Wheels of the World
    • Scatter The Mud
    • Ask My Father
    • Brendan Tonra's Jig
    • Jerry's Beaver Hat
    • John Byrne's Jig
    • The Star Above The Garted
    • The Woods of Old Limerick
    • The Butcher's March
    • Anach Cuain
    • The Flaxdresser
    • Darby the Driver
    • The Knights of Saint Patrick
    • The Top of Cork Road (jig)
    • Smash the Windows
    • Gan Ainm
    • The Humours of Glendart
    • Tom Busby's Jig
    • Elizabeth Kelly's Delight
    • The Rakes of Clonmel
    • The Mooncoin
    • Langstrom's Pony
    • The Monaghan Jig
    • Tripping Up The Stairs
    • Brian O'Lynn
    • The Cat's Rambles
    • Whelan's Old Sow
    • The Rolling Wave
    • O'Mahony's
    • Willie Coleman's Jig
    • The Eavesdropper
    • The Mist on the Mountain
    • Father Tom's Wager
    • The Battering Ram
    • Gurney's Favourite (Guiry's Favourite)
    • John McHugh's
    • Jackson's jig
    • Do you want any more?
    • The Collier's Jig
    • Knocknagow
    • The Girls of Banbridge
    • The Stolen Purse
    • Up Sligo
    • The Morning Lark
    • The Southwest Wind (An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas)
    • Roger's Jig
    • The Blarney Pilgrim
    • The Lonesome Jig
    • Sweet Biddy Daly
    • Health to the Ladies
  • Marches

    • The Belfast March
    • Fifing March (Paddy O'Carroll)
    • Bundle and Go
    • The March of The Meeatoiteen Bull
    • The Pikeman's March
    • The Song of the Chanter
  • Mazurkas

    • Masúrca Gan Ainm
    • John Doherty's Mazurka
  • Miscellaneous Tunes

    • Éamann a' Chnoic
    • The Garden of Daisies
    • Tommy Bhetty's Waltz
    • Carolan's Concerto
  • Polkas

    • John McKenna's Polkas
    • Charlie O'Neill's Polkas
    • The Groves of Gneeveguilla
    • Killoran's Polka
    • The Glen Cottage
    • Maggie in the Woods
    • The Finnish Polka
  • Reels

    • The New Policeman
    • Pigtown
    • Kennedy's Favourite / The Woman of The House
    • The Blackhaired Lass / Trim The Velvet
    • The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen
    • The Mountain Top
    • Quinn's Reel / The Fox on The Town
    • Paddy Carty's / The Midsummer Night
    • The House on The Hill (Miss Thornton's)/ The Ashplant
    • The Beare Island Reel
    • The Rainy Day
    • Mary Bergin's Reel
    • The Flowers of Red Hill / Ah Surely!
    • Jenny Tie Your Bonnet
    • The Killarney Boys of Pleasure
    • Tom Ward's Downfall
    • The Blackberry Blossom / Swing Swang
    • Up to Your Knees in Sand
    • Rolling in The Ryegrass / Micko Russell's
    • The Drunken Landlady
    • The Fox on The Prowl
    • Maud Millar's / Preston's/ Ríl Gan Ainm
    • The Sailor on The Rock / The Sally Gardens
    • The Launching of the Boat
    • Jenny Dang The Weaver
    • Within a Mile of Dublin
    • The Silver Spear
    • Touch Me If You Dare
    • The Pride of Cloontia
    • My Love is in America / The Templehouse
    • The Ships are Sailing
    • The Wild Irishman
    • Tarbolton
    • The Longford Collector
    • The Sailor's Bonnet
    • The Maids of Mt. Cisco
    • The Bird in The Bush
    • Devaney's Goat
    • The Bucks of Oranmore
    • The Boys of The Lough / The High Reel
    • The London Lasses (1)
    • The London Lasses (2)
    • Andy Dixon's / Gorman's
    • The Huntsman's Chorus
    • Johnny McEljohn's Reel
    • Marry When You're Young
    • The Bucks of Oranmore (slowed)
    • Ríl Gan Ainm
    • The Cameronian Reel
    • The Bunch of Green Rushes / Anderson's
    • The Shoemaker's Daughter
    • The Old Bush / The Galway Rambler
    • Julia Delaney's / Gorman's
    • Paddy's Trip to Scotland / A minor reel
    • Corney is Coming / The Humours og Scarriff / The Cocktail
    • The Lady on the Island / The Copperplate / Fahy's
    • Eileen Curran
    • The Beare Island Reel ("cheating" version)
    • The Trip To Durrow
    • Gerry Commane's Reel / The Dogs Among The Bushes
    • Mayor Harrison's Fedora
    • The Swallow's Tail
    • The Flags of Dublin
    • The Reel of Mullinavat
    • Dr. Gilbert's / The Queen of May
    • The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
    • McKenna's Reels
    • The Happy Days of Youth
    • Colonel Rodger's Favoutite
    • Fred Finn's Reel
    • The Girl That Broke My Heart
    • The Curragh Races
    • The Humours of Ballyconnell
    • The Sligo Maid
    • The Yellow Tinker
    • The Musical Priest
    • Seán Reid's Reel
    • Jackson's Reel
    • The Primrose Lass
    • The Limestone Rock
    • The Milliner's Daughter
    • The Man of the House
    • The Boy on the Hilltop
    • The Hare's Paw
    • The Boys of Ballisadare
    • The Old Blackthorn
    • Ceol na gCeártan (The Music of the Forges)
    • The Piper's Despair
    • Sweeney's Dream
    • The Skylark
    • John Egan's Reel
    • Speed The Plough
    • The Bells of St. Louis
    • The Dream of Home
    • The Glass of Beer
    • The Boy in the Boat
    • The Humours of Castlefinn
    • Roaring Mary
    • James Byrne's Reel
    • The Concertina Reel
    • Joe Cooley's Reel
    • The Boyne Hunt
    • Ríl Gan Ainm (2)
    • Jenny Picking Cockles
    • Garrett Barry's Reel
    • The West Wind
    • The Hollybush
    • The King of The Clans
    • The Irishman's Blackthorn
    • Lady Gordon's Reel
    • Castlekelly
    • The Bank of Ireland
    • The Morning Star
    • The Scholar
    • The Teatotaller
    • The Gravel Walks
    • Griffin From The Bridge (Coleman's Cross)
    • The Green Groves of Erin
    • The Knackers of Navan
    • Farewell To Ireland
    • Farewell to Erin / Slán le hÉirinn
    • The Concert Reel
    • Micko Russell's Reel
    • Andy McGann's Reel
    • George White's Reel
    • The Banshee
    • Tim Maloney's Reel
    • Paddy Taylor's Reel
    • The Master's Return
    • The Maid That Left The Country
    • The Achonry Lasses
    • The Gooseberry Bush
    • Peter Street
    • The Glory Reel
    • The Silver Spire
    • Drag Her Round The Road
    • The Connacht Heifers
    • Paddy Taylor's Reel (2)
    • Music in the Glen
    • Brendan McMahon's Reel
    • McGovern's Favourite
    • The Connemara Stockings
    • McDermott's Reel
    • The Earl's Chair
    • Fergal O'Gara
    • Over The Moor To Maggie
    • Down The Broom
    • Kevin Burke's Reel
    • Murphy's Reel
    • Come West Along The Road
    • The Fisherman's Lilt (The Kerryman's Daughter)
    • The Abbey Reel
    • The Dublin Reel
    • The First House In Connacht
    • The Blacksmith's Favourite
    • Gan Ainm
    • The Long Drop
    • The Ballintra Lasses
    • Gan Ainm (Molloy's Favourite?)
    • The Duke of Leinster
    • Miss McLeod's Reel
    • Ríl Gan Ainm
    • Mary of the Grove
    • Gregg's Pipes
    • I Am Waiting For You
    • The Reel Of Bogie
    • The Bag Of Spuds
    • The Fermoy Lasses
    • The Green Gowned Lass
    • The Bag Of Spuds (2)
    • The Cloone
    • John Doherty's Reel
    • The Knotted Cord (Bridie Morley's)
    • The Mullingar Races
    • Gorman's Reel (2) - (Sporting Nell???)
    • The Gatehouse Maid
    • Thady Casey's Reel
    • The Glendowan Fancy
    • Gan Ainm
    • The Monaghan Twig
    • John Brennan's Reel
    • Sheehan's Reel
    • The Galtee Rangers
    • Mike Flanagan's Reel
    • Johnny When You Die (The Old Maids of Galway)
    • The Crosses of Annagh
    • The Glentaun Reel
    • Patsy Hanley's Reel
    • The Old Concertina Reel
    • Creamer's Reel
    • The Limerick Lasses
    • Connolly's Reel (The Whistling Postman)
    • The Salamanca Reel
    • Donal a' Clumper's Reel
    • The Pride of The Bronx
    • The Durrow Reel
    • Nine Pint Coggie
    • The Moving Bog
    • The Chattering Magpie
    • Jenny's Wedding
    • The Merry Days of Easter
    • Johnny Cronin's Reel
    • Gan Ainm
    • The Union Reel
    • The Whistler of Roslea
    • Miss Lyon's Fancy
    • Ballinasloe Fair
    • Martin Ansboro's Reel
    • It Goes as Follies
    • The Drunken Tinker
    • Elanor Keane's
    • The Maids of Mullaghmore
    • The Oak Tree
    • The Maid Behind The Bar
    • Patsy Touhey's Reel
    • The Wexford Reel
    • Seán McGuire's Reel
    • Lucy Campbell
    • Lománach Cross
    • Courting Them All
    • Killannan's Fancy
    • Miss McDonald's (2)
    • Miss McDonald's
    • The Corner House
    • Miss Monaghan
    • Gan Ainm
    • Seán sa Cheo
    • The Humours of Lissadell
    • An Charraigín Rua
    • The Road to Lisdoonvarna
    • Ambrose Moloney's
    • O'Rourke's Reel
    • The Wedding Reel
    • Molloy's Favourite
    • Buckley's Fancy
    • The Fisherman's Island
    • The Old Dundeen
    • The Jug of Punch
    • Jenny's Chickens
    • The Hunter's house
    • The Green Gates
    • The Plough in The Stars
    • The Old Copperplate
    • Rip The Calico
    • Martin Mulhaire's Number 9
    • Rolling In The Barrel
    • Swinging on the Gate
    • The Humours of Westport
    • The Navvy on The Shore
    • The Devils of Dublin
    • Miss McGuinness
    • The Green Fields of America
    • Kitty in The Lane
    • The Flower of The Flock
    • Around The World For Sport
    • John Doherty's Cameronian Reel
    • Toss the Feathers
    • The Lass of Ballintra
    • McFarley's Reel
    • Trim The Velvet
    • Paddy Mills' Fancy
    • The Coachman's Whip
    • The Bellharbour Reel
    • Brendan Mulhare's Reel
    • Johnny "Watt" Henry's
    • Father Kelly's (2)
    • The Laurel Tree
    • The Fairy Reel
    • The Wise Maid
    • The Crooked Road To Dublin
    • Josie McDermott's (The Trip to Birmingham)
    • Tie The Ribbons
    • Gone For His Tea
    • The Maids of Mitchelstown
    • The Steampacket
    • Big John's Reel
    • The Scottish Hunt
    • The Holy Land
    • The Floating Crowbar
    • The Reel of Sparks (Ríl na Drithleog)
    • Crowley's Reel (1)
    • Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
    • Tansey's Favourite
    • The Otter's Holt
    • The Jolly Tinker
    • The Scowling Wife
    • Dillon's Fancy
    • Crowley's Reel (2)
    • Tomeen O'Dea's Reel
    • Mama's Pet (2)
    • Mama's Pet (1)
    • The Old Wheels of the World
    • The Sandmount
    • Mrs. Creehan's Reel
    • The Humours of Tulla
    • Stay Another While
    • Last Night's Fun (1)
    • Last Night's Fun (2)
    • The Glencolmbcille Reel
    • The Stone in the Field
    • The Sally Gardens
    • The Contradiction Reel
    • The Mossy Banks
    • O'Connell's Trip to Parliament
    • Tommy Peoples' Reel
    • The Boys of Partaferry
    • The Moving Cloud
    • The Congress Reel
    • Lord Gordon's Reel
    • The Ballykett Courthouse
    • Dinky Dorrian's Reel (Dinky's)
    • The Shetland Fiddler
    • Dinky's (easier second part)
    • The Lillies in the Field
    • Scotch Mary
    • The Cocktail Reel
    • Is Trua Gan Peata an Mhaoir Agam
    • The Sandpiper
    • Rakish Paddy
    • Miss Langford's
    • Big Pat's Reel
    • The Dispute at the Crossroads
    • The Ladies of Tullybardee (The Monaghan Switch)
    • Maudabawn Chapel
    • Francis John McGovern's
    • The Cottage in the Grove
    • The Green Mountain
    • The Golden Keyboard
    • Christmas Eve
    • The Heathery Breeze
    • The New Custom House
    • The Reel of Rio
    • The Green Fields of Rosbeigh (The Kerryman)
    • Paddy Ryan's Dream
    • Paddy Ryan's Dream (2)
    • The Prividence Reel
    • The Callan Lasses
    • Donnelly's Reel
    • The Boys of Ballynahinch
    • The Merry Harriers
    • Martin Wynne's No.2
    • Martin Wynne's No.1
    • The Chicago Reel
    • The Trip to Cullenstown
    • The Graf Spee
    • The Enchanted Lady
    • Paddy Fahy's Reel (1)
    • Kiss me Kate
    • The Merry Blacksmith
    • The Ivy Leaf
    • Mullingar Lea
    • Paddy Kelly's Reel
    • Molly on the Shore
    • Hanley's Tweed
    • The Flowing Bowl
    • The Tempest
    • Colonel Rodney's
    • The Antrim Rose
    • The Beauty Spot
    • Colonel Frazer's
    • The Glen Road to Carrick
    • The Morning Thrush
    • Love at the Endings
    • Sonny's Return
    • Paddy Lynn's Delight
    • The Star of Munster
    • Follow me Down
    • Larry Redican's (The Forget mo not)
    • The Four Courts
    • Bunker Hill
    • Dinny O'Brien's
    • Snow on the Hills
    • Anything for John-Joe?
    • Tory Island
    • The Game of Love
    • The Girls of Farranfore
    • Aggie Whyte's Reel
    • The Small Hills of Offaly
    • The Pigeon on the Gate
    • The Jolly Seven
    • The Bantry Lasses
    • Bill Malley's
    • The Lads of Laois
    • The Castlemahon Lasses
    • Mary O' the Wisp
    • Lad O'Beirne's
    • The Torn Jacket
    • The Hunter's Purse
    • Charlie Lennon's Number 4
    • The Mills are Grinding
    • The Turnpike Gate
    • Jenny Picking Cockles (2)
    • The Sailor's Cravat
    • Ormond Sound
    • Iniscealtra
    • The Glenside Cottage
    • Shamrock Hill
    • The Cow that ate the Blanket
    • The Trip to Nenagh
    • Tonn Teine
    • The Ballina Lasses
    • The Thrush in the Storm
    • Dillon Brown (Laington's Reel)
    • Laington's Reel (Dillon Brown)
    • Lavin's Favourite
    • John Dwyer's Reel
    • Ownie Davey's reel
    • Paddy Fahey's Reel
    • Lad O'Beirne's Reel (2)
    • Michael Ryan's Reel
    • Last Night's Joy
    • Down The Meadow
    • The Walls of Limerick
    • Mama's Pet (3)
    • The One Horned Cow
    • The Gates of Mullagh
    • Black Pat's Reel
  • Slip Jigs

    • Give Us a Drink of Water
    • The Kid on The Mountain
    • Hardiman The Fiddler
    • The Humours of Derrycrosane
    • The Humours of Whiskey
    • Will You Follow Me Down To Limerick?
    • The Butterfly
    • The Humours of Whiskey (2)
    • The Whinny Hills of Leitrim
    • Dever the Dancer
    • Barney Brannigan's
    • Top it Off
    • The Hawthorn
    • A Fig For a Kiss
    • Na Ceannabháin Bhána
    • Terry Hi Ho The Grinder
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    • A Guide to the Irish Flute
    • The Flow
  • "Hello"

    Hello, I hope you find this site of some use. I will continue to play tunes and post them here as a source for people to learn from. If anyone wants a specific tune played then I'll try to record it if I know it. I used to find it difficult to get recordings of some tunes played at a resonable speed and in a normal key. I'm not promising to be reasonable and normal all of the time but I will do my best. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or comments. Thanks for now. (

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