What are male and female geese called goose

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What are male and female geese called?

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Answer by Asienna Confidence votes 2.1K One male is a gander. More than one male are ganders. One female is a goose, and more than one female are geese.
An Adult Male Goose is called a "Gander"
An Adult Female Goose is called a "Goose"
A Young Goose (of either sex) is called a "Gosling"
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What are male geese called?

Male is a Gander.
Suzesco 75 Contributions

What is the male and female sheep called?

Female Sheeps are called Ewes and Male Sheeps are called Rams.

Whats The difference Between Male and Female Chinese White Geese?

Male Chinese white geese have a larger orange knob above their beak. Otherwise, I don't know.
Jason Kaufman 1 Contribution

Difference between male female African geese?

male geese have a larger knob on their head.. the pictures are Canadian geese btw

What is a young female geese called?

a gander (gan.dur)
Squirrel Man 234,617 Contributions

How does geese lay eggs male or female?

Female geese lay the eggs.

What are the names of female male and baby geese?

Well baby Geese are called Goslings pronounced with a "z".
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If a buck is a male what is the female called?

A doe.
Smiley2011 11 Contributions

What are male and female dolphins called?

the female is called: a cow the male is called: a bull

What are a female and male cat called?

a male cat is called a tom and a female cat is called a queen
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How do you tell male geese from female geese?

Without actually sexing a goose. You can guesstimate by looking for a larger body size and more prominent features in a goose. Males tend to be larger and more robust than fem
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Do male geese stay with the dying female?

well yes they do, do to their family
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Can a male goose mate two female geese?

Geese will choose a mate when they are about three years old and will stay monogamous for life, raising new families together each year. If one mate dies, the other mate will
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Do female geese need a male to lay eggs?

Not usually, but the eggs will not be fertilized without a male, and will not hatch ~BlackWolf1112
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How you can tell the difference between male and female canadian geese by looks?

you can tell becuae the males have a sharp looking face and the females have a soft calm face
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Which type male or female sit on eggs of Canadian geese?

Females exclusively sit on the nest. Males stand guard within 10-15 feet to protect her from predators.
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What is it called when a female likes males and females?



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