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Goose Creek Clinic

Facility Photo
Goose Creek Clinic

Goose Creek Clinic


The Goose Creek VA Clinic is located at the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station (previously known as the Naval Weapons Station Charleston), at 2418 NNPTC Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445. 

The clinic was built as a joint venture with Naval Health Clinic Charleston and is home to outstanding facilities and upgraded services for Veterans.  Since the clinic is located on Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station you will eventually have to be cleared by Base Security to get ‘regular’ access to the clinic.  Instructions for gaining ‘regular’ access to the clinic are explained below. 

Joint Base Charleston Base Access:

1. If you are a Veteran that does not have a DOD ID card, please report to building 3, the Visitor Control Center (VCC), one hour before your scheduled appointment to request access to the base. Be prepared to present your Veteran ID Card or other picture ID (such as a driver’s license), AND also your VA appointment letter to the VCC personnel. You will complete documents required to receive a Defense Biometrics ID (DBID) card. Your DBID card will allow you base access for one year and must be renewed annually before the expiration date.

2. Immediate family members (spouse, parent, or child over age 16) can apply for one year badges. Two more guests (extended family or other friend) can apply for one year guest badges to access the clinic but these two persons must have a letter from the VA stating their routine involvement in your care and transport.

3. You and the family members or friends that accompany you to the clinic must present the base badges to the gate guards at all times to be allowed onto the base for your appointments. If any of you do not have a badge you will be diverted to building 3, the Visitor Control Center and this may delay your appointment.

4. Anyone outside of your family or guests that are in your vehicle and are over age 16 that does not have a badge will cause your party to be diverted to the Visitor Control Center and may delay your appointment.


Both DOD ID cardholders and non-DOD ID card holders that plan to ride a motorcycle to appointments must meet minimum state and base requirements per #1 above and in addition, comply with the following in order to operate the motorcycle on DOD property : 
     a. You must wear a helmet.
     b. You must wear eye protection, either wraparound glasses or a helmet face shield. A windshield of the motorcycle does not meet the requirement.
     c. Your motorcycle must have left and right rearview mirrors
     d. You must wear long sleeve shirt or jacket and long trousers.
     e. You must wear full-fingered gloves while operating a motorcycle.
     f. You must wear shoes which provide protection to toes, feet and ankles while operating a motorcycle. Low-quarter sneakers, loafers, sandals are not allowed.
     g. You must wear a brightly colored or reflective outer garment while operating a motorcycle. Backpacks are allowed but must be reflective or brightly colored.
     h. You must complete the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station motorcycle safety course only if you are a DOD ID card holder.


  • Free on premises


From Charleston, SC

  • I-26 West toward North Charleston/Columbia
  • Merge onto I-526 East via Exit 212C toward Mt. Pleasant
  • Take Exit 19, N. Rhett Ave.
  • Turn LEFT onto N. Rhett Ave.
  • N. Rhett Ave. becomes Henry E. Brown Jr. Blvd.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Red Bank Rd.
  • Turn LEFT onto NNPTC Circle
  • Goose Creek VA Outpatient Clinic is on the RIGHT

From Columbia, SC

  • I-26 East toward Chalreston
  • Merge onto US-78 East/University Blvd. via Exit 205B toward US-52/Goose Creek
  • Stay STRAIGHT onto Goose Creek Rd.
  • Goose Creek Rd. becomes Red Bank Rd.
  • Turn LEFT onto NNPTC Circle
  • Goose Creek VA Outpatient Clinic is on the RIGHT


2418 NNPTC Circle
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Phone & Fax

Phone: 843-577-5011 X 3100
Fax: Not Available

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Driving Directions

View Map:
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32°57'51"N 79°57'55"W

Other Locations

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Cool Facts About Goose

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Fast facts

Kingdom: Animalia
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Superorder: Galloanserae
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidae
Subfamily: Anserinae
Tribe: Anserini
Genera: Anser (the grey geese), Branta (the black geese) and Chen (the white geese)
Species: Different species under each of the above Genera
Length: 21.7 inches to 43.3 inches
Weight: 20-25 pounds
Lifespan: 15 to 25 years
Diet: Omnivores; slugs, snails, worms, mice, hamsters, wheat, barley and other grains and green vegetation
Habitat: Ponds, river and shore lakes
Age of Sexual Maturity: 3 years
Gestation Period: Nearly 30 days
Average Clutch Size: 5 eggs

Interesting & Fun Facts About Goose