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Positive Inspirational Stories

Positive Featured Inspirational Story - June 2005

Lessons from Geese 'Individual empowerment results from quality honking'

Lessons from Geese provides a perfect example of the importance of team work and how it can have a profound and powerful effect on any form of personal or business endeavour. When we use these five principles in our personal and business life it will help us to foster and encourage a level of passion and energy in ourselves, as well as those who are our friends, associates or team members. It is essential to remember that teamwork happens inside and outside of business life when it is continually nurtured and encouraged. Lesson 1 - The Importance of Achieving Goals

As each goose flaps its wings it creates an UPLIFT for the birds that follow. By flying in a 'V' formation the whole flock adds 71 percent extra to the flying range. Outcome

When we have a sense of community and focus, we create trust and can help each other to achieve our goals. Lesson 2 - The Importance of Team Work When a goose falls out of formation it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of flying alone. It quickly moves back to take advantage of the lifting power of the birds in front.


If we had as much sense as geese we would stay in formation with those headed where we want to go. We are willing to accept their help and give our help to others. Lesson 3 - The Importance of Sharing

When a goose tires of flying up front it drops back into formation and another goose flies to the point position. Outcome It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks. We should respect and protect each other's unique arrangement of skills, capabilities, talents and resources. Lesson 4 - The Importance of Empathy and Understanding When a goose gets sick, two geese drop out of formation and follow it down to the ground to help and protect it. Outcome If we have as much sense as geese we will stand by each other in difficult times, as well as when we are strong. Lesson 5 - The Importance of Encouragement

Geese flying in formation 'HONK' to encourage those up front to keep up with their speed.


We need to make sure our honking is encouraging. In groups and teams where there is encouragement, production is much greater. 'Individual empowerment results from quality honking'

The original version of Lessons from Geese was written by Dr Robert McNeish in 1972

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Another story about Geese

A flock of wild geese had settled to rest on a pond. One of the flock had been captured by a gardener, who had clipped its wings before releasing it. When the geese started to resume their flight, this one tried frantically, but vainly, to lift itself into the air. The others, observing his struggles, flew about in obvious efforts to encourage him; but it was no use.

Thereupon, the entire flock settled back on the pond and waited, even though the urge to go on was strong within them. For several days they waited until the damaged feathers had grown sufficiently to permit the goose to fly.

Meanwhile, the unethical gardener, having been converted by the ethical geese, gladly watched them as they finally rose together and all resumed their long flight.

Albert Schweitzer

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goose up

goose up

v. To improve the performance of something; make something more intense, powerful, or remarkable: Goose up the engine and we'll be on our way. You could goose the pie up with some nutmeg. See also: goose , up

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