Marpa Gompa Meditation Society, Calgary Alberta Canada canada ganso calgary

Marpa Gompa Meditation Society
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Marpa Gompa Meditation Society (Tibetan: Marpa Gompa Changchub Ling ) is a nonprofit society dedicated to the promotion, practice, and study of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation. The society operates under the spiritual guidance of Vajra Acharya Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche, living in Toronto, and resident dharma teacher Jetsün Rigdzin Khandro. Our centre is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Marpa Gompa Meditation Society is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization.

Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche

Karma Thinley Rinpoche is the President and spiritual leader of Marpa Gompa. He supervises Dharma centres in Toronto, England, and Nepal, as well as here in Calgary.

Teachings available on our site written by Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche:

The Life of Buddha and The Sadhana of the Lord Buddha "Cloudbanks of Merit" (also available in Tibetan language)

канадский гусиный клиренс">Jetsün Rigdzin Khandro

When I am happy, may my merit flow to others;
May its blessings fill the sky.
When I am unhappy, may the sorrows of all beings be mine;
May the ocean of suffering run dry.

-Lojong Verse

We live in an amazing, fast moving and fast changing world. Great progress in science, medicine and technology is raising our living standard to ever new heights. But alongside this positive development, attachment to materialism also has grown very strong. When we give in to this attachment we become rigid, competitive and irritable. Even though we wish only to be happy and loving, we can see in our own experience how quickly our mind, when challenged, reacts with anger, jealousy and other negative emotions.

To heal this situation, Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche teaches Lojong practice through which many problems and much mental suffering disperse. When self-interest is changed into concern for others, our main trouble-maker, clinging to the self as a real thing (which is the root of all delusion, conflict and suffering) dissolves, and the gate of the heart of our buddha nature opens: bodhichitta encompasses all of space like a great sun, and our wish-prayers, like the sun's rays, touch all sentient beings effortlessly, limitlessly. The Mahayana teaching says when complete realization of the union of compassion and shunyata is achieved, then ordinary consciousness is gone, and duality and emotional states, too, are gone; there is limitless freedom, peace and wisdom, like the sun rising free from darkness and clouds. At that time universal space and the palm of the hand are not different in size: there is only Buddha Mind. And so, making Lojong practice the basis of our conduct and practice, we can embrace the whole world in compassion and love.

- Rigdzin Khandro

Bodhichitta is like the flower:
wherever it grows, it is beautiful;
whoever sees it wants to make a garland;
whoever touches it feels its gentleness and healing.
Bodhichitta is like the elephant:
very powerful, fearless and energetic.
Bodhichitta is like the lion:
his fearless demeanour subdues all animals.
Bodhichitta is like the sun:
unchanging, always shining,
creating beautiful things upon the earth.

- Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche

Writings and Reflections of Sangha

This link will take you to a collection of thought-provoking stories and
essays contributed by members of our group.



Our Name

Marpa signifies the family name of the holy saint, Marpa the Translator, who brought the Vajrayana teachings from India and established them in Tibet.

Gompa literally means "tranquility place". Particularly, because Marpa Gompa is situated in the city, it is a place of tranquility: when people from the city come to practice at this place, they forget all external problems and just concentrate on meditation.

Changchub (byang-chub) means "full enlightenment through the practice of ultimate truth".

"Chang" involves two trainings:

Relative mind - pure freshness of love and compassion; and absolute mind - training in primordial wisdom.

"Chub" - absolute point mind, or "beings' natural purity mind"

Ling (gling) means "place" - so it is the "Place of Training for Enlightenment".

(Explanation by Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche)

Our legal name, as registered with the relevant government agencies, is "Marpa Gompa Meditation Society".


Marpa Gompa holds weekly meditation meetings that include instruction in Shamatha (tranquility) meditation, a spiritual discipline that helps one to deal with the pressures of daily living. Newcomers, including beginners and non-Buddhists, are always welcome. We ask that you call before attending for the first time.

We also have advanced meditation meetings for more experienced Buddhist practitioners. Please call for more information.

How to contact Marpa Gompa

Note: We cannot provide instructions in meditation technique over the Internet. To learn meditation, we recommend you find a teacher in your local area. The Kagyu centres directory may be of some help in locating one.

You are welcome to contact us for more information about the Society and its activities. If you will be in the Calgary area, you are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit.

For more information, contact us at:
tel.: (403) 240-9836 or (403) 229-1772

Visit our facebook page:



The pages linked below are provided by other organizations.
We hope you find them helpful.
Kagyu centres worldwide
Introduction to Buddhism

canada ganso calgary

canada ganso calgary

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ALBERTA CANADA HOMETOWN OF THE CALGARY STAMPEDE You arrive as a customer and depart as a friend. That's why we say "Auf Wiedersehen!"


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Mountain View Calgary Camping

Country Camping only 3 km from Calgary! At Mountain View we want you to feel comfortable, secure and welcome. You arrive as a customer and depart as a friend. That's why we say "Auf Wiedersehen!"

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Full-service RV Park

Free Wi-Fi

Registered Guests

Coin Operated Showers

$0.25/1 minute $1.00/4 minutes $2.00/8 minutes

24 Hour Laundromat

Wash $2 + Dryer 25 cents / 5 min

Dump Station

Free for Registered Guests, $18 otherwise


$8 Per Bag (approx. 12 pieces)


Service for Bottles and Vehicles

Shuttle to Stampede

$12 per person, round trip

Sports & Fun

Horse Shoes, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton

18 Hole Mini Golf

$7 per person

Tourist Information

Well Stocked Store

Our Campsites

"In The Country, Yet Close To The City" We are proud to serve the Recreational Traveler visiting Calgary since 1987. We have made it our primary objective since our inception in 1987 to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction coupled with modern facilities and a clean, friendly, safe atmosphere.

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$47.00 per night | $290.00 per week | $495.00 Semi-Monthly | $875.00 per month Gravel RV pads, a picnic table, and at least one tree are also included. Only 10 of these sites (of which we have 60 in total) offer fire pits. Parking for one RV and one vehicle in each site is included. […]

30 Amp Power | Water | Sewer 30 Amp Power | Water | Sewer | PULL THRU

$50.00 per night | $310.00 per week | $510.00 Semi-Monthly | $900.00 per month Power, water, and sewer connections at each site, located on the driver’s side. The site is graveled, and there are no fire pits at these sites, but they do have a picnic table. Parking for one RV and one vehicle in each site is […]

30 Amp Power | Water | Sewer | PULL THRU 20 Amp Power | Water | Sewer

$45.00 per night | $280.00 per week | $480.00 Semi-Monthly | $850.00 per month They are back-in sites. Parking for one RV and one vehicle in each site is included. Parking for additional vehicles is located in other designated areas of the RV Park (see map). All sites include free wi-fi (please get your access […]

20 Amp Power | Water | Sewer 15 Amp Power | Water | Sewer

$44.00 per night | $270.00 per week | $460.00 Semi-Monthly | $825.00 per month Parking for one RV and one vehicle in each site is included. Parking for additional vehicles is located in other designated areas of the RV Park (see map). All sites include free wi-fi (please get your access code in the office).

15 Amp Power | Water | Sewer 15 Amp Power | Water

$42.00 per night | $255.00 per week This selection is ideal for shorter stays, as it only offers power and water connection (free access to our dump station is included). Parking for one RV and one vehicle in each site is included. Parking for additional vehicles is located in other designated areas of the RV […]

15 Amp Power | Water 50 Amp Power | Water | Sewer

$50.00 per night | $310.00 per week | $510.00 Semi-Monthly | $900.00 per month These spots are  all back-in sites, without a fire pit, though there is a large group fire pit area located nearby. The oldest and largest trees within the RV Park are located in these sites, and they border the property line, so […]

50 Amp Power | Water | Sewer 15 th Aug 2017 GlobalFest

GlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities locally and across the globe. We are committed to producing an inclusive, world-class, multi-faceted arts and cultural festival that will enhance Alberta’s reputation as a truly international destination. » Visit GlobalFest website

Duration August 15, 2017 - August 26, 2017 6 th Jul 2018 2018 Calgary Stampede

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! 2018 marks the 106th annual Calgary Stampede. Bring your RV and stay at Mountain View Camping – we offer shuttle service, daily meals and entertainment, and lots of other fun and excitement!

Duration July 6, 2018 - July 15, 2018 23 rd May 2017 Canadian Camping Week

We kick off the camping season with the Canadian Camping and RV Council, offering a two night stay for $50.00 on any consecutive days stay from May 23-28, 2017 Just mention “Canadian Camping Week” on your reservation request and we’ll apply the discount!

Duration May 23, 2017 - May 28, 2017 18 th Aug 2017 Country Thunder Alberta

  Country Thunder returns to Calgary, Alberta from August 18-20, 2017 and they are bringing you three days filled with epic country music! ***UPDATE: MORE SHUTTLE BUS DETAILS JUST ADDED! SEE BELOW*** Book your stay with us for this awesome event today!  Go to our RESERVATIONS page to fill out your request. There will be food and festival vendors, ATM cash machines, and first-aid service located on-site. This event will be held at Prairie Winds Park in North East Calgary, just a short 15 minutes drive from Mountain View Camping. See a comparative map here: Mountain View Calgary Camping TO Prairie Winds Park SHUTTLE BUS UPDATE: We will have two separate shuttle style buses running on an approximate 90 minute staggered rotation to and from the concert venue on each of the three event days – SEE FINAL SCHEDULE BELOW.  Unlike last year you will NOT need to purchase tickets in advance of your arrival here.  Instead, we will be offering service for $15 per person, per round-trip and you can come and go back and forth on any of the days and any of the times as long as you’ve got a ticket.  Tickets can be purchased at our front desk […]

Duration August 18, 2017 - August 20, 2017 Special offers 23 rd May 2017 Canadian Camping Week

We kick off the camping season with the Canadian Camping and RV Council, offering a two night stay for $50.00 on any consecutive days stay from May 23-28, 2017 Just mention “Canadian Camping Week” on your reservation request and we’ll apply the discount!

1 st January 2015 Discount

For Groups, Rental RV’s, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly stays. 

FREE single ice cream

On Sundays Enjoy a FREE single ice cream cone with each mini golf round purchased ($5 per person, per round).

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Millrise Chambre à louer Décembre 01

Chambre chez l'habitant réf. : 185692
T2Y 2E1 Calgary - Canada

Description de l'annonce

Texte original traduit par google

Chambre à l'étage à louer à Millrise qui est à 10 minutes à pied de C-train et juste en haut de la colline de toutes sortes de magasins.
Le sous-sol a une kitchenette, un salon et une salle de bain qui seront essentiellement pour votre usage, mais j'ai une salle de gym, une salle et une bibliothèque en bas, donc je serai parfois là-bas.
Je possède un chien très sympathique mais très grand, donc être un chien est un must!

Surface : + de 20m²
Lit(s) / Couples : Couples acceptés
Capacité : 1
Autres informations
Logement fumeur ? Logement non fumeur
Transports en commun :

Modalités et prix de la location

Tarifs 1 Tarifs 2 Tarifs 3

Les couleurs des tarifs correspondent aux couleurs des disponibilités dans le calendrier

Disponibilités pour louer cet hébergement

Localisation du logement

Propriétaire du logement

Rebecca D.

33 ans


I am a quiet and tidy person who loves music, working out and reading. I am very close with my family so they will be over frequently. I usually have company over on Friday's and Sunday's. My dog is a very friendly Rotti, who loves to be petted and will basically wants to become everyone's best friend.

4 personne(s) consulte(nt) l'annonce
Avantages Pass Premium
10 x plus de chances de trouver une location
Je deviens Premium