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Canadian Vegan Outerwear Line To Compete With Canada Goose

Published on December 9, 2015 by GirlieGirlArmy   ·   8 Comments Pin It

Argos linebacker gives Canada Goose a $50,000 wake-up call

Less than a week after the official launch of Mammoth Outerwear — created by Toronto Argonauts linebacker James Yurichuk — pre-sales of the fur-free alternative to Canada Goose have already passed the $50,000 mark.

“Canadians love wildlife, and they love staying warm,” says Yurichuk. “What we’ve done is give them the option to enjoy both at once.”

Fuelled by a popular social media campaign and bolstered by several high profile supporters — including Edmonton Eskimos kicker Sean Whyte, who wore a Mammoth coat during Sunday’s frigid Grey Cup game in Winnipeg — the premium fur-free and down-free winter jackets were created as a response to the sea of fur-trimmed parkas Yurichuk saw after moving back to his hometown of Toronto two winters ago.

“As soon as I realized fur was making a comeback I knew something had to be done,” Yurichuk explains. “Millions of Canadians like me are looking for a premium, animal-friendly alternative. Now they’ve got one that’s built for the deep North but made in the heart of Toronto. It’s the best of both worlds and a win-win for everyone.”

Mammoth Vegan Coat - Fox Bomber

Mammoth Vegan Coat – Fox Bomber

Mammoth’s pre-order campaign kicked off last Tuesday with the launch of four jacket styles — the Bison Bomber, Fox Bomber, Elk Parka, and Doe Parka — all designed by Roncesvalles-based Sarah Hopgood for maximum warmth and functionality, with a distinctly Canadian look.

See the video here:

In keeping with the company’s commitment to wildlife, $10 from the sale of each jacket will be donated to The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (The Fur-Bearers), a Canadian organization that promotes peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

Check out the Mammoth’s Kickstarter campaign to order or learn more.

  Mammoth Vegan Coat - Bison Bomber Mammoth Vegan Coat

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Ellese says:

    This is exciting to read. I love that they are donating $10 back for each coat as well. That is a company I am willing to support. Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


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  2. Susan Morse says:

    Wow !!! I am elated that this anti fur outerwear company is producing coats to compete with The coyote trimmed Canadian company. Killing coyotes with steel jaw traps is evil and wrong. Going fur free is the only way to go. Thank you for your ethics and principles in your new outerwear clothing !!!

    Reply »
  3. Richard Terryson says:

    They should have spent a lot more money on photography, looks like the same boring crap everyone else puts out, just slicing the pie smaller, Seriously folks, all this cheap on white photography just makes your products looks cheap and does nothing to differentiate your brand

    Reply »
    • Jen says:

      They do differ from other brands, having no cruelty and murder involved.

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    • Lisa says:

      Maybe that is your opinion, but I think it has been proven over and over again that shooting on a white seamless actually shows the potential customer what they are buying…. People need to see detail. Also the video is done outdoors on location. And it tastefully done. I am excited about this company and will certainly buy a coat….

      Reply »
  4. Richard Terryson says:

    Sorry, just listened to the video, same applies here, hire someone who does voiceover work and a decent audio guy, this is really unlistenable

    Reply »
  5. PattyA says:

    Great news! Hope they have the success of the “My Pillow” guy whose superior non-animal pillows have socked it to the down pillow industry.

    Reply »
  6. Kim says:

    Awesome but too bad the jackets are $675. Yikes. Hopefully they can make them more affordable next year.

    Reply »
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Canada Goose a 'bully' waging 'campaign of intimidation' with parka trademark lawsuits, says Sears

Canada Goose is trying to “bully” Sears Canada Inc. and other retailers through litigation, Sears is alleging in court documents as it hits back at a trademark infringement lawsuit

Screen grab/;

TORONTO — Canada Goose is trying to “bully” Sears Canada Inc. and other retailers through litigation, Sears is alleging in court documents as it hits back at a trademark infringement lawsuit.

The parka maker’s real motive is to curtail the sales of lower-priced winter jackets so Canada Goose can keep selling its products “at a huge mark up,” Sears alleges.

[np_storybar title=”Made-in-Canada still key for Canada Goose after sale to U.S. private-equity firm Bain, CEO says” link=””%5DCanada Goose president and chief executive Dani Reiss isn’t nervous about selling his quintessential Canadian-made outerwear company to Bain Capital, even with the U.S. private equity firm’s notorious reputation for outsourcing.

“Made in Canada is extremely important, and extremely important to Canada Goose, and we’ve chosen partners to whom it is also extremely important to,” Mr. Reiss said in an interview. “And I have no expectation that that’s going to change. If I thought that it was going to change, I would not have done this deal.”

Keep reading.

Canada Goose alleges in a lawsuit filed late last year that Sears is selling knock-offs of its highly distinctive coats.

The department store has now filed its statement of defence in Federal Court and is taking direct aim not just at this particular lawsuit, but what the retailer calls Canada Goose’s “campaign of intimidation.”

Canada Goose is trying to claim the exclusive right to sell any winter coat with a fur collar “of any sort” or with a circular logo on its sleeve, Sears alleges in its statement of defence.

“Canada Goose is simply attempting to bully Sears and others through demands, unfounded litigation, statements in the press and the like, into ceasing activities that Canada Goose knows do not cause confusion or any harm to it,” Sears alleges.

“The real purpose of Canada Goose’s campaign of intimidation is to attempt to prevent or lessen sales in the marketplace of less expensive winter jackets…to preserve its temporary ability to sell its garments at a huge mark up to the public.”

Neither Sears’ nor Canada Goose’s allegations have been proven in court.

Canada Goose alleges that Sears is intentionally trying to mislead consumers into believing they’re buying a “lower-end” Canada Goose jacket, the parka maker alleges in its lawsuit.

In its statement of defence, Sears says no consumer could confuse a Canada Goose jacket with Sears’ Alpinetek coats. Sears has held a trademark for the Alpinetek logo since 1998, Sears wrote in its defence.

Canada Goose has no exclusive rights to a circular logo positioned on the upper sleeve of a winter jacket, Sears alleges, saying it is commonplace for coats.

Canada Goose’s rights, if any, are to the name and mark Canada Goose and not in such features as a circular logo and fur trim, Sears alleges.

Canada Goose has previously sued International Clothiers Inc., alleging it intentionally designed a logo and positioned it on jackets to mimic the Canada Goose Arctic Program design trademark.

The lawsuit was later settled on undisclosed terms.

Canada Goose bills itself in the lawsuit as a “Canadian success story,” as its jackets have become very well-known in Canada and abroad.

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