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Canada Goose Accessories – Mittens for Men

Who doesn´t like a good old-fashioned mitten to build snowmen up in the mountains with the family? With Canada Goose mittens you can achieve more than this by completely sealing up the mittens from the elements from a wrist cord and removing the liner to add-up or take away some warmth from your hands. Trouble with a runny nose while on the cable car with a bunch of strangers? No worries, just act normal, take the mitt up to your face and slowly, without calling any unfortunate attention, use the nose wipe on the thumb and clean it off. That´s right! Your Canada Goose mittens for men all bring a nose wipe so you don´t have to take them off and look for a handkerchief that nobody carries any more, plus, mittens are always way warmer than gloves too, which is what we all need to keep our fingers warm.

Anyhow, the mitts are completely fleece-lined with leather palms not only to keep the body heat in but to protect your hands from unfortunate sharp object encounters. The mittens are completely waterproof but if for some reason you fall in a body of water and forgot to adjust the wrists and cuffs, then after rescue, simply put the mittens to dry from a finger loop to dry out.

How to know your mittens are 100% Canada Goose made? The company always places their logo on the side wrist, which falsifiers get all wrong in their hurry to produce bad quality products. The Canada Goose logo is a perfect Arctic Map surrounded by a red disc. If it’s all crooked up and the logo looks like a boot, then you may have a fake on your hands. The best way to avoid buying a fake is to check if the retailer you are planning to buy from is featured in Canada Goose web page. They have a section that tells you which retailer to use nearest to your based location.

Men´s Down Mitt

A perfect combination for your Arctic Parkas, the Men´s Down Mitt from Canada Goose will keep your hands warm enough with a 100% polyester exterior and reinforced palm and thumb. These mitts are waterproof to prevent freezing your hands when the snow melts and can be easily adjusted at the cuffs for complete isolation from outer elements. They also feature a very convenient nose wipe on the thumb to avoid the use of handkerchiefs. You can find the Canada Goose logo on the wrist for authenticity verification and a sleek look.

Approximate Price: $125 USD

Sizes: S-XL
Fill: 525 fill power goose down

Fabric: Outer Shell: 100% polyester, Insert: 100% polyurethane, Palm: 53% polyester, 47% polyurethane Lining: 100% polyester.

Colors: Black, and Steel.

More Features:
• Displays Canada Goose renowned Arctic Disc logo on the wrist.
• Secure the cuffs with a single pull from a draw cord on the side.
• Thumb features a nose wipe.
• 100% waterproof nylon exterior so endure the harshest of weather conditions.
• The insert is also waterproof and breathable.
• Palm and thumb are amply reinforced for picking up sharp objects.

Men´s Northern Mitt

The Men´s Northern Mitts from Canada Goose provides additional cold weather protection by featuring removable liner for adding or taking away warmth. Its extended cuffs with single hand adjuster include a leather pull-tab inside the wrists so you can easily fit your hands. A nose wipe on the thumb and a finger loop for hanging make the Northern Mitt perfect for Arctic locations and uncomfortable situations. Made from goatskin leather, the quality of these Mittens ensure superior performance in out-door extreme temperature activities. Take them anywhere where no coconuts grow and you´ll do just fine.

Approximate Price: $125 USD

Coyote Fur Ruff: None
Sizes: S-XL
Fill: 525 fill-power goose down

Colors: Black and Steel.

More Features:
• Hang the Northern Mittens to dry from a finger loop.
• Single adjuster on the extended cuffs.
• Features a nose wipe on the thumb to… uh… wipe your nose.
• Inside wrist contains the leather pull for sealing or loosing-up.
• Removable liner to add or remove warmth.
• Water-resistant soft shell along with goatskin leather provides amazing protection against extreme weather.
• Canada Goose Arctic Disc at the wrist.
• Taped inserts.
• Completely waterproof.
• Fleeced-lined all over.
• Wrist adjust to liking.

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