Ravelry: Mother Goose Baby Blanket pattern by MaryAnn Designs baby goose

baby goose

negozio di cane di canada
Canadese Goose Jacket
uomini di giacca di canada
канадская гусиная женщина

The Red Goose Shoe Company of St. Louis, Missouri, began selling shoes to pioneer families headed west in 1869. The company's name was originally Gieseke-D'Oench-Hayes, after its founders, but when the company became advertising conscious in the early 1900's, they changed the name. Gieseke is German slang for "goose" so the goose image came naturally. The red color came later when, during the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, some stock boys painted the goose on the cartons red. The head of the company liked the idea, and so Red Goose Shoes was trademarked in 1906.

This large statue of a red goose with the Red Goose logo on its breast is the personification of the Red Goose icon.