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main#parts-container-new { visibility: hidden; display: none } Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused!reader} #Wattys2016

by SilentObserverWrites Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused!reader} #Wattys2016 Table of contents Before you begin reading Escape {1} Douche-bag skele c: {2} Annoying sibling {3} School is just a nice way of saying Hell {4} Wowie, a day in the life of Gasster Sins {5} My human. Not yours; mine. {6} Nightmare {7} Accidents happen {8} Let's sign up for Hell {9} She's 'alright' {10} Gifts from THE GREAT PAPYRUS {11} Part 1 {12} Part 2 {13} Skeleton the Sans {14} sans what's the bone-zone {15} Benjamin the negative {16} You're gonna meet a ton of people {17} Party harty {18} Assriel and Frisky {19} Screaming solves everything, right? {20} Skeletons. Skeletons everywhere. {21} Creative title {22} Darkness, brought to you by void dad {23} Awesome title {24} Normal {25} Oops {26} Here comes Napstablook {27} You're purple now {28} Consequence {29} What if {30} Souls {31} Taunt taunt {32} Turn of events {33} You jinxed it {34} Friday {35} Don't waste your breath {36} How was your day? {37} Shut your mouth {38} Let the tables turn {39} More to deal with {40} A really cool title name yet again {41} Grudges to hold {42} Try something new {43} Stop {44} He understands {45} There is no forgive and forget {46} so cool title {47} Spring Break {48} Misunderstanding {49} Past life and future death {50} This needs to stop {51} Truth {52} You promised {53} Don't judge a book by its cover {54} Back from the dead Be Aware {55} Surprise {56} Let Him Go {57} Dear Readers {58} {59} LEMON WARNING {60} Hello ♥ OOF New Reading List Vote


Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused!reader} #Wattys2016 Fanfiction

It's been two years since the barrier was shattered... All was well until humanity's opinion and voices ruined it all. The war had begun. --------------- Although one girl had always seen the world as a sickening place... A majority of humanity was...

# fem # gaster # gastersans # reader # sans # sansxreader # undertale # undertaleau # underxreader # wattys2016 # xfem # xreader # xreaderinsert


3.7K 234 477 by SilentObserverWrites View Cast RobustRhombus as Ossis MartiNikx as Dover SilentObserverWrites as Benjamin SilentObserverWrites as Levi SilentObserverWrites as Zerack SilentObserverWrites as Angelo SilentObserverWrites as Obi by SilentObserverWrites Follow Share Share via Google+ Share via Email Report Story Send Send to Friend Share Share via Google+ Share via Email Report Story

Ivy started to move around in her seat, but kept her mouth shut tightly. Her teeth clenched and her eyebrows furrowed.

You didn't notice her odd behavior, but you continued to listen to the silence of no one talking and the beeping of the heart monitor.


Everything would be okay...


Everything would be fine...


Everything was...

... beeeeeeeeeeeep....



Ever since Obi died you've been very quiet; quieter than normal. Ivy refused to shift into her human form and stuck with you as a dog. What were you to do? Spring break was turning out to be horrible, Gans (a new nickname you had came up with on accident) tried to comfort you, but you denied it. Papyrus managed to cuddle you for a little, but you still didn't want that. sans tried to explain how he's lost people, but you felt it was nothing compared to your loss, even though his was much more than yours.

As the hours passed by you lie in bed, remembering Obi's voice.

"I love you so much (Y/N)!"

"I want us to be together forever."

"You're so adorable..."

You felt tears begin to stream, but inhaled shakily to stop them. You suddenly heard footsteps coming into your room, but you didn't move.

"Hey stranger." Gans murmured (addressing the Sans problem with him being called Gans).

You said nothing.

He sighs. After a minute of silence he approaches you and sits next to you, remembering the first time he got to hold you... It meant the world to him.

But you were thinking other things. You wanted that to be Obi. "I-I... I miss him..." You quivered.

"I know..." Gans whispered and looked away. "But at least we're still here, right?"

"But I miss him. " You cried, shaking steadily.

Gans grumbled and stood up. It hurt so much to hear that... He didn't know how to tell you about his feelings. What was he to do? He was the criminal who fell in love with the trapped princess and saved her, but this princess already had a prince. "(Y/N)... You need to move on... This isn't healthy for you."

"But I miss him!" You sobbed into your arms.

"I know you do, but... He's not coming back."

"I miss him!" You screamed. "I'll get him back somehow!"

"No you won't. He's GONE." Gans hissed angrily.

"I will!" You shrieked before being silenced.

"He's not coming back!" Gans screamed back, a yellow flame engulfing him. You stared at him, noticing new features.

He was... A human!

He was darkly tanned with one blue and one yellow eye with a scar over the yellow one. His head was covered in brown hair styled in a mohawk, still wearing his jacket that looked like a biker would wear and of course his pants (sorry my dudes).

You stared for a long time before crumbling, realizing what he had just said. "I know..." You whispered. "I know..."

"Just shut up." Gans grumbled, rushing towards you, frightening you for a moment.

But you were greeted with a sweet kiss. You froze in place as Gans pulled away, scanning you up and down. "...sorry."

You looked into his eyes and found something you were searching for. Love. Something told you.. that Obi wanted this. You suddenly remembered something he had said.

"I always want you to be loved... Even if it isn't me."

You smiled a little as tears streamed down your face. You cupped Gans' face in both hands and pulled him down to you as you laid back down. You kissed him in return and he quickly responded with kissing back.

He was shocked, but accepted it anyways.

Obi may have been gone, but you had love.

And that's all Obi wanted.

For you to be loved.

(Sorry for the pissy attitude and late update, but here it is


but sweet

expect more of these chapters.
Lemon? Maybe? Nah. Limes if anything.)

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