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Jal Jal Jal Oosai (Manam Kothi Paravai Song Lyrics)

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Sung By Aalaap Raju, Surmukhi Music By D.Imman Lyrics By Yugabharathi

                                                         jal jal jal osai nenju nenju nenjukkulla jal jal jal osai nil nil nee pesa konjam konjam konjam pulla nil nil nee pesa iru vizhi thanthiyadikkuthu enna nadakuthu theriyala iruthayam kummi adikkuthu solli mudikkavum mudiyala ravagi ponaley kannum muzhi thoongala pesama nee pona nenjukkuzhi thangala unnala thannala sokkuren sokkuren nan jal jal jal osai nenju nenju nenjukkulla jal jal jal osai nil nil nee pesa konjam konjam konjam pulla nil nil nee pesa vanavilley thevaiyilla neeyiruntha pothum pulla santhiranum neeye sooriyanum neeye nanndavana poovellam neeye neeye natchathira meenallem neeye neeye eppothum theeratha selvam neeye engeyum kanatha theivam neeye munnadi pinnadi sikkuren sikkuren nan jal jal jal osai nenju nenju nenjukkulla jal jal jal osai nil nil nee pesa konjam konjam konjam pulla nil nil nee pesa thanthanana nana na nane aaaa nee nadanthu poga kanda poomi panthey noolukkulla suthiduma unna vachidume kanna vanda vazhi marama neeyum pona nikkirene aadama koil thoona engey nee ninnalum ellai kodu unnaley poo pookum pottal kadu ottaram pannatha sokkuren sokkuren nan jal jal jal osai nenju nenju nenjukkulla jal jal jal osai iru vizhi thanthiyadikkuthu enna nadakuthu theriyala iruthayam kummiadikkuthu solli mudikkavum mudiyala ravagi ponaley kannum muzhi thoongala pesama nee pona nenjukkuzhi thangala unnala thannala sokkuren sokkuren nan at 12:29 AM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Facebookfacebook TwitterTwitter TwitterTwitter TwitterTwitter TwitterTwitter 4484 comments: «Oldest   ‹Older   1 – 200 of 4484   Newer›   Newest» Anonymous said...

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