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Duck and Goose Baby Care

Where to keep the Baby?

Ducks and geese are waterfowl and will need a container that is waterproof – a deep plastic container with a screened in top will work best. The container should have a soft, non-aromatic filler such as rice hulls or a towel that is washed daily. .Most ducks will do better with a friend or two – try to raise at least two at a time.

Heat Need

Baby are not able to hold their own heat during the first 5-7 weeks and will need external heating. A heat lamp or incandescent bulb placed overhead in a safe fixture will provide suffcient heat. Keep the temperature between 80 and 100 degrees in the container. If the babies are avoiding the area directly under the heat lamp – it is probably too hot. If they are huddled underneath it – it is probably too close

Water – Be Careful!!

Be careful with water when they are babies – their down is not waterproof. Babies should not have an open water container – a poultry waterer with a small opening is recommended. They should not be put in water to swim until they are at least 3 weeks old and then should be dried and warmed after the session.


Babies should be fed non-medicated poultry starter with fresh water nearby. You wouldn’t want to eat dried foods without a drink and neither will you babies. Fresh lettuce can be chopped and fed separately as well.

Daily Care

Check your babies daily to make sure it is eating and has no signs of parasites or bugs. It is certainly OK to play gently with the bird(s) – but remember they are fragile and should be treated similarly to a human baby. Be careful if you have multiple birds – overcrowding can lead to smothering – especially with larger breeds. If you take them outside – make sure they are in an enclosed area and supervised at all times – these little ones are tasty treats for hawks, cats, dogs, …

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